Patch 1.05 for Sound Shapes Adds Offline Play & Community Milkcrate, DLC Brings New Campaign Levels

Today marks the release of patch 1.05 for Sound Shapes, a big update that takes up 175MB on your PlayStation Vita and 178MB on the PlayStation 3.

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Wedge191953d ago

Sounds Shapes is a definite winner of a game. I suggest it for anyone that has yet to pick it up. A great Vita title.

TrendyGamers1953d ago

And you get the PS3 version free.

dbjj120881953d ago

Woot! More campaign levels!

fsfsxii1953d ago

Great game, glad to see that its still having support!

JW10801953d ago

I loved this game. It was a breath of fresh air. Music from the beginning of the game and from Beck is still stuck in my head. I only played it for the campaign levels but still enjoyed it. I do that with all the Little Big Planets too come to think of it. Just play the single player campaign levels. But still enjoy the hell out of them just as much. Will be downloading later.