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EuroGamer: "Ascension is a game of distinct halves then, each with its own rules and ambitions - as so many blockbuster video games have become. As such, it's difficult to judge as a whole. The single-player campaign is uneven and, at its best, fails to match the zenith of what's gone before - a myth growing weaker with each retelling. But the punchy multiplayer broadens the game's aspirations and its appeal in a welcome way, offering a refined competitive arena. That may have a lot more to do with contemporary fashions in competitive video gaming than ancient myths - but it offers just the embellishment that's lacking elsewhere."

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a_squirrel1954d ago

Another review where there's no distinct negatives. Just things like, the 'feel' or 'not as epic as God of War 3' despite them including the $44 million budget for that game.

Sounds like I either have to become a reviewer or just stop reading big sites reviewing games.

moegooner881954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

This is possibly the worst review I have read for the game so far, reviewer doesn't even mention any details regarding how the new combat system works, which from my 3 hours with the game, is one of the biggest changes in Ascension. He also barely mentions any details regarding the new level design ( the village of Kirra for instance), and the platforming ( the sliding parts), both of which underwent major changes from the previous entries.

This reads like a comparison to GOW3, rather than a review for Ascension, no idea why Eurogamer keeps handing Simon Parkin AAA titles to review, his reviews usually lack details, and barely scratch the surface.