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Submitted by rrquinta 1062d ago | review

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review (Vivid Gamer)

What do you take when you mix the beauty and imagination of Studio Ghibli with the tried-and-true familiarity of the Dragon Quest games, add a splash of Pokémon, a dash of Zelda, and a hybrid turn-based, action battle system reminiscent of the Tales of series? Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a lengthy interactive fairytale JRPG for PS3. (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3) 6.5/10

TheLiztress  +   1062d ago
I started this game and while I adore the art style and story, I'm having trouble getting into it as much as I want to.
rrquinta  +   1062d ago
I've actually talked to a lot of people who are in your same shoes, and I really think it has a lot to do with how poorly paced the game is. It takes far too long to unlock the good stuff or fast travel, for example.
jony_dols  +   1062d ago
Played the demo & really tried to like it, but I'm not a big JRPG fan so I couldn't get into it...
fermcr  +   1062d ago
Yes, i have to agree. Love the art style but... I've played for about 3 hours and don't find it that interesting. Haven't played for a couple of weeks now, maybe return to it later on.
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Nathaniel_Drake  +   1062d ago
Give it time it takes a little bit to get it started but when you get the hang of the battle system and start to understand it the game starts to come together

Also you need to do a lot of grinding to get the high priced weapons for your familiars. I think the problem is that their are too many familiars to where it might seem overwhelming but you eventually find a group you like ad that when the game starts to get really good
HammadTheBeast  +   1061d ago
The thing is, this is exactly how JRPG's are supposed to be. The story is supposed to slowly ramp up and the pacing in Ni No Kuni is fantastic. Sadly, most people can't appreciate it anymore. Even if the pacing was horrible, 6.5/10 is way too low for this.
fsfsxii  +   1062d ago
What keeps me from this game is the art style, i don't like anime much
Arai  +   1062d ago
It's a lame review at best, I suppose classic RPG's have been absent for too long this generation that people forgot what they were like.
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tiffac008  +   1061d ago
You hit the nail in the coffin sir.

This generation has been bloated with fast paced games. Its not surprising a lot of gamers today cannot comprehend games with methodical passing.

Also lets not forget the story is done by Studio Ghibli and if your not accustomed to the masterpieces they have created through out the years then Ni no Kuni will definitely feel slow to you.
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theherp80  +   1061d ago
I've only read reviews of this game and it seems like most people enjoy it a lot. That said I stay away from JRPGs because they aren't that fun. If it takes 20 hrs to get fast travel that means you'll be running around from place to place constantly and that doesn't seem fun.

THe reason this generation has been bloated with fast paced rpgs is because they are more fun, simple as that.
tiffac008  +   1060d ago
That is your opinion sir and what can I do but to respect it even though I do not agree with it. Of course, I believe "fast paced" is not the main formula that makes games "fun".

I always believe that if we keep an open mind, play the games for what they are and not for what we believe they should be. We can find ways to love and enjoy them.

Then again, its all about the money we spend in the end. lol!

@DigitalAnalog (below)

Wasn't the book in the game and the hard copy the same?
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thaimasker  +   1062d ago
If your gonna do a review 2 months late at least make it a good one. and 6.5? Seriously . I can see how not everyone will not like/love the game but cmon.
Kinger8938  +   1062d ago
im at 30 hours but havent played in weeks, need to pull myself back into it
Hicken  +   1062d ago
... wow.
cyberninja  +   1062d ago
6.5 out of 10 my ass!!! You may not like jrpgs but there's no way this game deserves such a low score. Poor review is poor, i give this review 3.5 out of 10.
False-Patriot  +   1062d ago
Such low score is because the game is PS3 exclusive.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1062d ago
Yeah you can bet it would of scored a lot higher had this game been on a Nintendo console.
theherp80  +   1061d ago
actually i believe the same person gave persona 4 a 10/10
False-Patriot  +   1060d ago
Persona 4 is not a PS3 exclusive.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1062d ago
I literally could not stop playing this game until I beat it. Besides eating and going to work.
Kos-Mos  +   1062d ago
I give this review 2.5 out of 10.
godofboobees  +   1062d ago
In a generation full of shooters, I'm not surprised by this review or the above comments about poor pacing. Read any good books lately?
rrquinta  +   1061d ago
Actually, I read 100 books last year.
Reborn  +   1062d ago
You kidding me?

I put in over 80 hours, and intend to continue. It's beautiful to play. The characters are fun, and interesting (especially Drippy). If you expect a joyride where everything is handed to you at 4 hours, clearly.. this wasn't for you. It could obviously improve (variety in the errands, and more sidequests), and I'm hoping the sequel does that. But overall, its a brilliant game.

Nitpicking in an attempt to justify a score, never goes well.
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Dark_Legend  +   1062d ago
Started last week and already played like 30 hours, I am addicted to it.
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d0nT wOrrY  +   1062d ago
The same site gave Tomb Raider 8/10. You can see that this guy is more into action/movie-wannabe games.
jony_dols  +   1062d ago
Tomb Raider is a damn good game. Kinda ironic that you're slating 'action/movie-wannabe games' & yet your avatar is of Big Boss from MGS.
d0nT wOrrY  +   1062d ago
Please.. don't even compare MGS3 to TB. I played TB and yeah it's a good game but too much drama and the voice actress is terribly annoying.
jony_dols  +   1061d ago
I never compared MGS3 to TB (I'll assume you mean TR). The MGS series is great but they're the epitome of 'action/movie-wannabe games' with all the melodrama, cut-scenes and whatnot.
gamedebater  +   1062d ago
Game is great. Combat needs a lot of tweaking. Other than that this game shits on any other JRPG this gen. so giving it a 6.5 just means you didnt play it or didn't understand how.

ni no has addictive qualities to it's old school jrpgness. Its why people get into it so much.

It also starts very slow and spoon feeds everything.
tweet75  +   1062d ago
great rpg for those that love dragon quest especially old school rpg fans
TuxedoMoon  +   1062d ago
Wow! A 6.5 is pretty low, even if it was as tedious as this reviewer seems to make it. The one complaint that bugged me the most was how they complained about all the text in the game. READING is expected when playing any RPG game. A lot of games don't need voice acting to tell a story. And I don't know if this person realized that some of the words and translations used were of their native tongue. Drippy spoke with a European accent and the spellings mimicked his accent.

I guess their hype and expectations killed the game for them. It happens...
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rrquinta  +   1061d ago
Um, yes. I agree that games don't need voice acting (as I say in my review, mentioning Super Paper Mario). Drippy speaks with a pseudo Welsh accent, using Welsh dialect/aphorisms, according to the Welsh friends I know. And my review was not based on hype, it was based on my experience actually playing it. But yes, it was disappointing.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1061d ago
It is taking me longer than it probably should to get through because I personally have just not been in the mood for this extreme level of niceness and cuteness recently. That truly is just a personal taste thing though. As far as the actual game goes, the only thing that even comes close to being a flaw for me is that I wish there were far more hand drawn, animated cutscenes. Of course that's not even a real flaw with the game, it's just that those parts are so damn beautiful I get greedy and want more.
rrquinta  +   1061d ago
WOW. I expected some controversy with this score but it amuses me how few of you bothered to read my review. I actually PREFER JRPGs (I gave P4G a 10/10 recently; I think I gave DQIX a 9.5). I really wanted to love Ni no Kuni, but it just had too many flaws to justify a harder score. Part of the reason the review was delayed is because it is a long game and I wanted to be sure I had played it thoroughly before I reviewed it. I also agonized over what score to give it, because, as I say in the review, it has moments of brilliance when it can be a lot of fun, but it also has too much tedium to justify a much higher score. There are much better JRPGs out there to play.
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P_Bomb  +   1061d ago
Highly disagree. Sunk over 100 hrs into it, platinumed it, one of the best games I've played this gen' regardless of genre. Completely enthralling world, refreshing gameplay and heart angle, technically strong and smooth with quick loads, smooth frames, no tearing, polished visuals. You get what you put into it, post-game even has more story and missions than MMOAGs like DCUO. A tidy 9/10, easy.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1061d ago
Fair enough, even though I disagree with your review I just want to know if you played it WITH the book.

Because the Japanese version has it attached to the game, it can literally make a world of difference due to the fact the alchemy recipes, familiars are accessible from the get go as opposed to the ingame version where you have to collect pages. Granted, I don't have the book per se but I still enjoyed it regardless however, I can see why the book needs to be used in tandem with the game itself. There are so many weapons/formulas I could've of used early on had I have accessibly to a book by my side and not resort of going into the menu tediously.
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rrquinta  +   1061d ago
Sadly, no. I really would like the book, even though I found the game disappointing, but $150 just for the book is too rich for my blood. :(
tiffac008  +   1061d ago
Well I cannot fault you with the battle and taming system when I saw that I knew there would be some gamers that would be taken a back by it but if your other main issues are with lack of voice acting and in your opinion slow and tedious pace of the game then Ni No Kuni probably did it right.

Having been a long time Ghibli fan I knew how the story would have been paced this way and for me this only added to the charm of the game and not the other way around. I am very thankful that Level-5 stayed true to the Ghibli formula when it came to the story.
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