A Few Reasons Why We Can’t Complain About The Possibility Of $69.99 Games

Would you be cool with coughing up seventy bucks to buy new releases in the next console generation? Gamers Association contributor Ridge Dermody would, and even believes you shouldn't complain if this price increase takes place.

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zerocrossing1868d ago

You can damn well bet I'll complain about $69.99 games especially when here in the UK we already pay £49.99 for most games.

We are already getting screwed over with game pricing when compared the the US, If the price goes up for you guys you can bet Europe will follow suit.

2pacalypsenow1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Different countries different currency the Euro is worth more than the dollar so dont complain .

WHo ever wrote this article is an idiot so because games $69.00 and with inflation a 100 now doesnt mean we should be glad they are 70

zerocrossing1868d ago

For your information the vast majority of people here in the UK don't use the Euro.

Honestly your asking me to shut up and stop complaining about the fact that we here in the UK are getting screwed over by comparison to the US? Just look at the conversion rate.

A brand new game in the UK is typically £49.99, that equates to around about $74.50 where as $50.00 equates to around £33.50, tell me again how I have no reason to complain.

RememberThe3571868d ago

Come on man, at least do a quick Wikipedia search before commenting.

The second part of your comment I agree with though. If I'm not making more money then inflation excuses don't work for me. Americans have seen the value of the dollar fall and our wages stagnant. Economist can throw around inflation arguments all day, but 60 buck to me means the same as it did in 2006. I have to draw a line and the line is at 60 bucks. 70 is a no go, I'll just have to wait for a price drop.

knowyourstuff1867d ago

As a consumer you have the freedom to either agree or disagree with ANY price, and vote with your wallet, voice your concerns to the powers that be, that's capitalism. You don't have to pay 70 bucks a game if you don't want to, thing is if a lot of people share your views then the market will force prices down, that's economics 101 people.
Got it? Good.

pr0t0typeknuckles1868d ago

dont complain,pirate,buy used,or wait, $60 is already absurd for a game.

ApolloTheBoss1868d ago

Only the ABSOLUTE best games, defined by length and overall quality in gameplay and storytelling get that kinda money from me. Example: Ni No Kuni.

FlyingFoxy1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I've seen console games go that high, rarely have i seen PC games go over £30 though. So i'm good as long as cost is kept low for PC.

Why console games are nearly always at least £10 more than the PC version though i'm not sure. if the game is good and it has fun online modes like Co-op i don't mind paying for it.

Bigpappy1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Nah! There is never a reason why I CAN'T complain. You may think I shouldn't, but I always can and will if I deem it appropriate to do so.

So when you say "A Few Reasons Why We Can’t Complain About The Possibility Of $69.99 Games", I how that WE covers just you and your sister. You sure aren't speaking for me.

Pozzle1868d ago

I'm a little worried to think what Australians are going to have to pay next generation. :/

ILive1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I'll give you few reasons why I should complain. Games should never go that high. 59.99 is already enough. If it does go up, i will be buying one new game every year, and the rest as soon as the price goes way down. I also think it might hurt the business. Trenton already said that games will not be more than 59.99 anyway.

Godmars2901868d ago

Considering DLC and now microtransactions? No.

Just no.

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The story is too old to be commented.