PayDay 2 Wants to Plan the Perfect Heist | IGN

IGN: "There's a seminal moment in all great heist films where a character is faced with a life-altering decision -- brief period in time where our hero stands at a crossroads, still in possession of just enough free will to turn back and forget about any ill-advised plans he may have concocted. But taking the righteous path wouldn't make for a very interesting story, now would it? So we as the audience cringe with glee at that moment where the character puts on a mask, bursts through a bank door, and begins to take what he believes is rightfully his. It's this kind of cinematic tension, drama, and choice that developer Overkill is aiming for with Payday 2, the sequel to their 2011 cooperative shooter centered around all manner of heists."

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Tokyo_reject1983d ago

If they want to make the perfect heist....make the first one free to play lol!!!

ShabbaRanks1982d ago

PAYDAY2 wow thats awesome news. I hope its on PS4, I noticed alot more detail in the preview. CANT WAIT :P

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1982d ago

I just hope they have another save option besides auto saving as I've lost data a few times. I also hope they change the whole infinite spawning thing where you only have 5 mins to relax before another wave comes. They should use a checkpoint system or something.

Mocat1982d ago

Looks ok AI seems to be pretty dumb tough.

Veni Vidi Vici1982d ago

If they want to make it better, make it so humans can play as the Cops as well. Make it kinda like Left 4 Dead where 4 play on one side and 4 play for the other side. Just like the zombies in L4D, the cops can have different classes/types. One with a riot shield, one with tear gas, etc. I'm sure others could think of better examples. Those are just off the top of my head. That's what I initially thought the first game was going to be like.

CaptainYesterday1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

When I played the first one I was surprised they didn't have a Cops vs. Robbers mode that would have been great! Similar to how Brink was you could play with AI's or real people, you pick which side to be on Cop or Robber. It might need to be an open world game or at least more open for this to work but cops would be driving around or at the station suddenly you get a message that a heist is going down could be one down the street or all the way across town need to arrest them bring em' to jail. For robbers you would have a safe house where you drop off the loot plan future heists, these are just ideas I would personally love to see in the game I think it could add more to the game and you would need to be smart about it not just shoot everyone.