Fans Fed Up: EA and Maxis Make Empty Promise & Gesture in Face of IP Disaster

RGN writes, "When a headline, flagship title like SimCity fails to keep fans happy we can only expect the publisher and developer to jump to their guns and hammer down any form of disappointment possibly inflicted on the career record of said IP. That’s not what we are getting with this one. The online-only DRM mixed with a failure to anticipate that, gee I don’t know people would actually buy the game, brought the title’s launch to a standstill."

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EricSTEEZWard1805d ago

man thats messed up. good info though i gotta look out and not buy the game until they fix their problems.

Derekvinyard131805d ago

I'm thinking of waiting to, can't hurt the longer we with the more they fix

Hydrolex1805d ago

I wish a lawyer actually tries to do something about this and make a case... Because the chances of winning on this ONE is a lot

SatanSki1805d ago

To be honest you shouldnt buy it at all if they are to learn their lesson. Wait till you can play it for free

JRivera921805d ago

EA = Devil

Can't get more simpler than that. The whole online only shit is just redonk... If Microsoft ends up pulling that shit w/ X720, that'd be their downfall right there. EA needs to shoot themselves, like seriously.

Blacklash931805d ago

So I can call EA the corporate devil? Finally.

Ares84HU1805d ago

So who is worst??

EA or Activision in your opinion??

Hovis1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

EA has online passes, DRM, sticks multiplayer into everything and is having micro-transactions in all further products.

Activision makes COD every year, no passes, no DRM, makes COD DLC packs, Elite service is now free I believe and as of today Black Ops 2 is getting micro-transactions.

I think its pretty clear overall.

N0S3LFESTEEM1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

That's a tough question... looks like we'll have to tie them together and make them fight to the death to find out.

I've hated EA since my N64 days... their games always felt short and cheap back then. The only game I've actually enjoyed playing from them lately is BF3 and soon to be BF4... I hate it but it's the only game in that league without going full simulation aka Arma. Dead space and Mass effect are good contenders but not my type of game... Dead space throwing cheap scares everywhere and Mass Effect effectively being a conversation simulator.

Activision... lol. Everyone knows about Activision.

Here's a challenge for the casuals... name an activision game that isn't Guitar Hero or COD. NO GOOGLE XD

Ares84HU1805d ago

Getting a disagree just for asking a really, just wow.

2pacalypsenow1805d ago

I wouldnt go that far they are just trying to make as much money as they can its horrible for consumers but smart for a company ...

cellmember1805d ago

Sim City for me is running fine at the moment havn't had any issues in the last 2 days

Root1805d ago

"EA has also had to cancel any plans for console release"

They were going to do a console release.....REALLY

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