Tropical Skyrim Mod Transforms Skyrim Into Far Cry 3/Crysis

DSOGaming writes: "his mod was released yesterday and as its description reads, it is a complete overhaul of Skyrim's climate, from a snowy wasteland to a tropical paradise."

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Cobain191809d ago

Now that's really cool. Modders are really amazing people and can come up with incredible ideas

john21809d ago

Which is precisely why games should be open to mods. The possibilities are endless

Cobain191809d ago

Imagine what will be achieved with the next-gen Elder Scrolls. Oh boy...

ninjahunter1809d ago

Haha, ile pass, my FPS is low enough as it is XD
(134 mods and counting)

TriangleOffense1809d ago

mods for fallout and skyrim are the reason I want a gaming pc

xPhearR3dx1809d ago

Mods for Skyrim is exactly why I got a gaming PC. Don't regret it at all.

kingmushroom1809d ago

Omg! all i need is my umbrella drink !