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Miyamoto Discusses Wii U Performance: "I’m Not At A Point Where I’m Concerned Yet”

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto recently provided his thoughts on online-connected game experiences, as well as the future of the Wii U. (Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii U)

khowat  +   485d ago
Nintendo about the wii u

solid_warlord  +   485d ago
Nintendo Wii U is very powerful. Very powerfull that it can run Netflix. It takes huge power and resource to run Netflix.
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khowat  +   485d ago
Oh I'm not saying the wii u isn't powerful enough so that nintendo would have to regret not making it powerful enough I'm saying they should be regretting releasing it with very few games and they aren't
Knux  +   484d ago
Even the 3DS can run Netflix, so try again.
Netflix was made for PS3. It's the main reason people buy one.
Venox2008  +   484d ago
first Wii had Netflix, try harder :)
dantesparda  +   483d ago
Ah yes, Nintendo fanboys, the most delusional of the bunch!
MasterCornholio  +   485d ago
After reducing their sales forecast I doubt that they are not worried about the Wii U.

"Nintendo has reduced its sales forecast for the year ending March 31st 2013, following less-than-expected sales of both its Wii U and 3DS consoles across the current financial year"

Motorola RAZR i
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falcon79  +   485d ago
When they start marketing the wiiu with MarioKartWiiU and co it will fly off the shelves in the UK try half a million a month.
mcstorm  +   485d ago
Ive been saying this. A lot of people keep talking about the low sales of the WiiU but if you look at the PS3 it did not have any big names when it came out and had slow sales. Once the big name games came out for the PS3 sales picker up and so will the WiiU sales just like the 3DS did.

I don't think the WiiU will out sell the Wii by the end of the gen but I expect the Next Xbox, PS4 and WiiU to be quite close come the end of the gen.
ReLLiK  +   484d ago
Do you not consider Resistance, Motorstorm, and Uncharted Big name games? The thing that hurt PS3 the most was price. The software didnt take long to follow. So I would like to disagree with you. I've always enjoyed Sony's consoles. I had a wii and got tired of having to use motion for almost every game. I thought I'd give Nintendo another shot with the WiiU. I really enjoyed it for the first month or so that I had it, but I haven't turned it on since then. I feel hosed by Nintendo( as well as from sony with my vita, but I'm not going to get into that).

I just want to see/hear nintendo even sputtering utter jibberish about anything half exciting. But it seems like they are content with their brand new console practically offering nothing to its fans and that is sad.
mcstorm  +   484d ago
No Resistance, Motorstorm, and Uncharted were not big names when they came out they were new IPs and Resistance and Motorstorm are still not big IP's if you look at the sales numbers.

I own an PSV and PS3 and love what they offer me but the WiiU is in the same state as the PS3 was at this point in its life.

I was not a massive fan of the Wii to. It was fun to play with the family but not my at the top of my list when it comes to be the best consoles by Nintendo.

What games do you have for your WiiU btw?
IcicleTrepan  +   485d ago
You're probably right but I just wonder when the hell they're going to start making something new besides mario/zelda/donkey kong games until the end of time. They pump them out so frequently it is amazing that they don't saturate their own market out from under themselves.
mcstorm  +   484d ago
I see what you are saying about they use Mario ect a lot but if you look at the type of games they make with Mario in they are different types of games. Mario Kart only tends to have one game each gen. The there was 2 2D Mario games on the Wii plus 2 Mario 3D games. I think there was only 1 Paper Mario Game on the Wii which again is different to the 2D and 3D Mario games. The you have the sports games like Mario Football and Tennes which tend to only get one game each console to.

Plus we don't always see all of there IPs on every console to as last gen we did not have an FZero or Star Fox.

I would like to see Nintendo bring out a few more IP's and I would like to see them give us some more human looking games and I would also love to see Nintendo give us a Racing sim to to take on GT and Forza but I am a multi console buyer and I tend to get the games I want on each console.
Sev  +   485d ago
Yeah, time for them to start worrying IMO. They need to hustle with major game releases this Q4 to combat the new consoles.
LAWSON72  +   484d ago
It should be pretty easy to make a better game than kz. Lol
delboy  +   484d ago
Sure, KZ is garbage, every 08/15 shooter out sold it. Lol
dantesparda  +   483d ago
Unlike that over played out Mario, not that kid sh!t is garbage!
MariaHelFutura  +   485d ago
I think the only concern Nintendo should have is how many big name games are skipping their console by choice.
akhmenhawk17  +   485d ago
i'll give him about 2 months.
ozzywazzy  +   485d ago
Nintendo seem to have caught Sony's past arrogance.
MadMen  +   485d ago
That is not a relevant comment considering he was fine with N64 as well which when it came to performance, he had to work wonders and he did, but it was severely limited with cartridge.

Point is; he could make a stick and a ball only, seem fun, there are not a lot of devs in his caliber.

The WiiU in the end will be a failure compared to the Wii.
Ck1x  +   484d ago
Actually the article is referring to sales performance and not hardware, which that should of been made clearer in the title! But oh well...t
GriffinCorp  +   485d ago
I still think the Wii U's first price drop will be around E3 and then a second in the first part of 2014. I think Sony and Microsoft are going to eat Nintendo's lunch.
momthemeatloaf  +   485d ago
Nintendo has to blow the doors down this E3. I want to see new Zelda footage, Mariokart and a new Mario at the very least
jay2  +   485d ago
This guy's on drugs, Nintendo's dying and I don't see them coming back.
TechnicianTed  +   485d ago
You must be on drugs if you really believe that.

They've got the best selling handheld out at the moment, they've had the ds which was the best selling handheld of all time, their last console sold unbelievable amounts of units and they've got a load of cash in the bank.

They are far from dying.
Sony is the only company dying. Film buffs ain't gonna save them this time!
HexxedAvenger  +   485d ago
IMO, they should start worrying if their AAA games don't move the consoles.
Jek_Porkins  +   485d ago
This guy has seen it all, an actual crash in the industry and the renewed interest as well. Nintendo really struggled with the Gamecube, but I don't think they'll struggle with the Wii U much longer, once some software comes out that people are interested it they'll be fine. We might even see a price cut the closer we get to the Xbox 720 and PS4 being released.

The Wii U might take off just like the 3DS did once it dropped in price and got some great games coming to the thing.
Inception  +   484d ago
I agree with Miyamoto. Nintendo still cooking all big title like Wind Waker remake, New Zelda, Xenoblade 2, Bayonetta 2, New Metroid, Pikmin 3, and more. If all those title already release and WiiU sales still below nintendo expectation, than yeah WiiU are in trouble.
Plagasx  +   484d ago
Yea..until PS4 and the next Xbox releases lol..
khowat  +   484d ago
oh shit i'm using up my bubbles here but nintendo may not be screwed when the xbox720 and ps4 come out because this might be the generation where we see many gamers owning more than one console

if a wii u is cheap enough and some has great exclusives that you want would you not buy it to have alongside you psbox4720?
madjedi  +   484d ago
Problem is short of big time nintendo fans, the scenario your talking about is 2+ yrs away. A huge ps3 or 360 fan will not get a wiiu this yr, by yr 2 or 3 it will likely see traction as a secondary console.

You will probably need 5 or 6 great exclusives(varies with the individual's tastes) if not more, before people pick it up as a secondary console.
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lovegames718  +   484d ago
Yeah Mario Kart, Pokemon and Luigi remakes are going to save the Wiiu lol

Regurgitate, rinse, repeat.........
Regurgitate, rinse, repeat.........

Sounds like PS4!
knifefight  +   484d ago
Nintendo probably should have waited till they had more solid software ready to go quickly after launch. It seems like they were in too big of a hurry to beat the other guys to the market. Now people are waiting around with no game releases.
Wedge19  +   484d ago
You have to wonder what comes next? They've started to corner themselves into these really odd niche markets and it will be interesting to see how they segway into the next console.
dbjj12088  +   484d ago
Eh, me neither. Wii U will do fine.
mochachino  +   484d ago
Nintendo should at least reveal a screen shot of a AAA game to generate some excitement. Right now their marketing and word of mouth reputation is going down the tubes (no Mario pun intended).
DivineAssault  +   484d ago
They invested too much into that gamepad that is more annoying than helpful.. Plus the UI, support, & features arent that great.. Wii U was pre maturely launched imo.. They shouldve waited & launched right along PS4 with new games ready to go.. Now ppl have lost whatever interest they may have had in it & already see it as an inferior system instead of seeing it as a different type of system...

Time will tell i guess but i doubt windwaker HD & pikmin will help it very much.. They need a NEW Zelda, a NEW Mario (galaxy successor), a NEW Metroid, NEW Star Fox, etc.. not recycled NSMB, Windwaker, MH, etc.. PS4 will kill the wii u but i wouldnt count them out just yet as a failure.. We need to see what its capable of doing with the proper time & resources from 1st party.. It was launched too early with nothing ready & now theyre pressured to rush games out that end up not being too good, slow interface, & "bleh" features..
josephayal  +   484d ago
Nintendo needs to do something drastic to change the Wii U's future
dangerousjo33  +   484d ago
wii u tech sucks and its old which is why it never has a problem with its console b/c nintendo never takes any risks on more powerful tech it just keeps using old leftovers from the past
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dangerousjo33  +   484d ago
since nintendo dosent have that many ips and not as much as support from 3rd party dev as ms.sony do their making all u nin fan boy/girl wait till fall when ms n sony drop to give u a so so better line up of games like they did with the wii. i mean if they gave u good games now how would u still be into wiiu when x720 n ps4 drop n show u their hot an tastey goodie lol. even know we all what cards nin going to play 50th mario game zelda 18th which to be real i think well be nin best game of the year. and somemore boring pigmen and a few 3rd party games. till u see how much better ms n sony and buy one of them and only touch wiiu when your moving it da way of your foot lol!!!!.
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