Five ways to save PS Vita

Sony’s PS Vita has not been the success they hoped. Here’s five ways Sony can turn around the fortunes of their eighth generation handheld.

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Xaphy1894d ago

Its already picking up pace and its going to do fine. Sony doesnt need your advices so go play some games and stop wasting time writing articles weve seen 1000000000 times before.

G20WLY1894d ago

Well said - To the author/website: I'm afraid you're a little late to the party, as the recovery appears to be underway and your chance for hits has passed.

Sorry - you snooze, you lose :P

knifefight1894d ago

Coming soon:

5 Ways to Save PS Vita Doom Articles

Apollosupreme1894d ago

All these stupid articles about "ways to save the Vita". Doesn't something have to be in trouble to be saved? Based on everything Sony has released in way of marketing suggests they're not moving away from the Vita anytime soon. Now they did the price cut in Japan and they're moving big units.

I look forward to when these trendy bloggers have a different unoriginal topic to write about...

WalterWJR1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

By making sure Vita is healthy, well looked after, Kept clean on a regular basis. Also make sure to not drop Vita in hot things like fire.

Seriously enough with this bull. If you want to have a joke then by all means try to keep it clean but this is supposed to be a website about GAMING NEWS.

Apollosupreme1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

My Vita has be pretty durable. I dropped it in the bathroom, it hit the vanity, bounced off the metal garbage can and hit the tile floor; no case. Not a scratch. Right after that I went and bought a case... Why tempt fate?

It's a grip case too.

Back on topic, one way to improve the experience would be to get more accessories out there. I'd love to see more grips and some thumb extenders.