GamesBeat Threeview: SimCity reviewed by a critic, an analyst, and an academic

A GamesBeat critic, analyst Michael Pachter, and University of Colorado researcher David Thomas all weigh in on SimCity.

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JeffGrubb1983d ago

This is a good use of Pachter's skills.

davidfca1983d ago

When you consider the perspective he's coming from, it makes sense. At this point it kinda depends on how long the server disaster lasts. Server problems for a couple of weeks after launch, those only matter to hardcore players. If the game still doesn't work right after a month or more, the broader market is gonna notice, and that's when they start getting hit in the pocketbook.

Sadie21001983d ago

For sure. I wonder if the casual market gets wind of all this negativity, too. We all know about the server issues, but maybe the average casual consumer never hears about it.

darkronin2291983d ago

All the online trouble really sucks, because the game is really good if you can get it to work.

wita1983d ago

This is a great one to do a Threeview for.