Nano Assault EX Review (NWR)

"Shin'en continues its fantastic track record with this enhanced eShop-exclusive.

Nano Assault launched in North America back in 2011, but this spiritual successor to the Nanostray titles never saw the light of day in Europe. Nano Assault EX is an enhanced, eShop-exclusive version of the original, and features updated graphics, a new survivor mode, and support for the Circle Pad Pro, something Neal clamoured for when he reviewed the game back in 2011. At its core, the game is a twin-stick shooter and plays similarly to Nano Assault Neo for Wii U. Shin’en has adapted the control scheme well to the 3DS’s button layout, and I never felt hindered by the lack of a second stick. However, having said that, I would still imagine use of the Circle Pad Pro to be preferable.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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