Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo's innovative past, unsteady present and optimistic future

"Before we talk, we play.

Set up in a backroom of Nintendo's Midtown Manhattan offices, Shigeru Miyamato sports a green Luigi t-shirt under a blue sports coat, matching pants and, as always, a smile.

We're here loaded up with questions. Questions about Nintendo's E3 plans, the lack of new, exciting original titles from the creative mind behind such endearing classics as Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. We want to know about some of Nintendo's undelivered Wii U promises, like games that use near field communication or two GamePads. Most importantly, we want to hear what Miyamoto thinks about the Wii U's lackluster sales and how he and Nintendo plan to re-energize the console.

But before we can ask, Bill Trinen — Miyamoto's long-time, always affable translator — sits us down at a table with Miyamoto and hands out 3DS XLs loaded up with copies of pending release Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

"Go ahead and press A," Trinen says, launching four of us into the game's multiplayer mode.", writes Polygon.

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Jadedz1868d ago

Great interview, amazing article.

BullyMangler1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

so regarding sony fanboys and girls nitpicking at why nintendo is failure and "REHASHING their characters" needing new iPs because NO ONE got's REAL attacks toward Nintendo . heres what Miyamoto had to say about that .haa!!. .

Miyamoto says: Since this is Video Games we are dealing with, GAMING is NOT about new iPs, but about new ways of introducing game CHANGING mechanics with already existing ICONIC characters . and in this article Miyamoto says that Nintendo IS ALSO working on new iP's indeed .

and pertaining to sonys "new" ps4 feature they bolstered about at their last conference regarding "FAST DOWNLOADS OF GAMES" .
Miyamoto: "That type of a technological structure already exists. So there's certainly the possibility that we could look to explore that area further, but it's not anything that we're prepared to announce or really talk about at this point." . = not a big deal, why would you NEED that feature = Laugh out loud (:

XboxInnovation1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Sony keeps releasing new IP's because the IP's they already have never produced a household character like in Mario, Zelda, Halo or Gears.

sony fanboys are the only ones wrapped up in new IP's because they're dissatisfied with their current IP's. Microsoft or Nintendo fans never brag or care about new IP's because they're satisfied with what they currently have.

Perjoss1868d ago

quick, put on this flame proof outfit!

classic2001868d ago

MS fans don't ask for new IPs? Wrong

A lot of xbox gamers are waiting to see what microsoft do at microsofts xbox announcement, do you thin they are waiting for halo 5 and forza only?

They are looking out for black tusk new IP and hoping that microsoft either bring back old school rare games or 2 new IPs to go with regular establish games.

Sure their are a lot of xbox gamers who will say they don't care about new IPs but I have seen a lot keep asking for new IPs.

If nintendo fans want mario, zelda, metroid and all the expected sequels that is fine but right now that is not going make core gamers who grow tired of those franchises as a kid go back.

Trust me many playstation gamers, PC gamers and xbox gamers have experience nintendo franchises at some point in our lives but that does not mean we care for it over and over again.

DivineAssault 1868d ago

your kidding right? Didnt Miyamoto say he was working on new IPs??? So im guessing what they have is unsatisfying as well right? lol ur crazy.. Studio Japan pumps out new IPs & theyre all great by SONY.. Gran Turismo series & GOW series are still running too.. Sony continues its IPs & makes new ones.. Nintendo does the same thing over n over each generation adding nothing new but a controller & updated graphics (which arent even updated anymore)..

They are making excuses & u guys are eating it up.. MS is going to bring its own ruin if they dont make some new material too.. Exclusives are VERY important to a console. Sony does gaming RIGHT nintendont

stragomccloud1867d ago

I don't think it's that they are not satisfied. However, it is true that Sony has yet to produce an IP that has achieved the same kind of house hold status as Nintendo.

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KrisButtar1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

when i was reading your comment and got to,

"but about new ways of introducing game CHANGING mechanics with already existing ICONIC characters"

made me realize that nintendo have changed their controller every gen. which would give the game changing mechanics.

maybe sony fans like the fact that the controller stays pretty much the same each gen? giving a valid point to the sony/nintendo hate?

Edit: on topic, from the article it sounded like E3 was going to be nothing big as it seemed they were happy with nintendo directs

Kos-Mos1868d ago

This is how you create games kids.

LastXeno1868d ago

Sony doesn't make new IP's, they just make IP's. Making new IP's would mean you're coming fresh off franchises that were valuable to you as a company.