CD Projekt Red 'thinking about' multiplayer for Witcher 3

GS:Polish developer says it is mulling series-first multiplayer component for upcoming next-gen role-playing game.

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NYC_Gamer1445d ago

I hope CDRP doesn't give into the multiplayer trend

joab7771445d ago

Unless its something like dark souls or dragons dogma, in which ppl band together to fight monsters etc., then no because its a very personal story about Geralt. He is a monster hunter and if they want to do flashback stories to when monster hunters fought monsters on a large will have to be unique and add to the gameplay.

Remember thia cd projekt. Ppl add multi to extend gameplay and make money. Ppl still play skyrim because it is huge and has expansion dlc. Maybe this route is better.

HammadTheBeast1445d ago

Could work well. An arena mode I would like, similar to GoW Ascension, if they incorporate some cool ideas such as betting it would be cool.

Ares84HU1445d ago

I hope so too. Man why do they need to force mp onto every game. Look at Tomb Raider. Amazing game, really, really good game but the mp is just bad. Man, that mp is so bad and boring.

TheTwelve1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Nooooooooooooooooo multiplayer!!!!
(I just tweeted them and begged them not to)

MariaHelFutura1445d ago

I hope one of the swatters from the Vogon planet slaps them right across the face, everytime they think about multiplayer.

ATi_Elite1445d ago


Well here goes another SP Game RUINED!

This is SONY/MS making them do this and that's why I wish DEVS would just STAY on the PC.

Ares84HU1445d ago

How you figure that Sony/MS is making them do it?? Just curious about that logic.

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Kanzes1445d ago

a WRPG games doesn't need a multiplayer mode

ShugaCane1445d ago

If it's a Demon's Souls kind of multiplayer why not. As long as the solo experience remains unchanged then they can try whatever they want. If there's one studio I trust it's CD Projekt !

TopDudeMan1445d ago

Yeah, okay, if they must, that is how they should do it, but it doesn't need it.

ApolloTheBoss1445d ago

Don't do it, please. Make single-player amazing and that will be more than enough.

RuleofOne343 1445d ago

Don't do it your game is great just the way it is ,no need to wasted Resource on such a useless mode to ruin a great game .

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The story is too old to be commented.