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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 992d ago | news

CD Projekt Red 'thinking about' multiplayer for Witcher 3

GS:Polish developer says it is mulling series-first multiplayer component for upcoming next-gen role-playing game. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   992d ago
I hope CDRP doesn't give into the multiplayer trend
joab777  +   992d ago
Unless its something like dark souls or dragons dogma, in which ppl band together to fight monsters etc., then no because its a very personal story about Geralt. He is a monster hunter and if they want to do flashback stories to when monster hunters fought monsters on a large will have to be unique and add to the gameplay.

Remember thia cd projekt. Ppl add multi to extend gameplay and make money. Ppl still play skyrim because it is huge and has expansion dlc. Maybe this route is better.
HammadTheBeast  +   992d ago
Could work well. An arena mode I would like, similar to GoW Ascension, if they incorporate some cool ideas such as betting it would be cool.
Ares84HU  +   992d ago
I hope so too. Man why do they need to force mp onto every game. Look at Tomb Raider. Amazing game, really, really good game but the mp is just bad. Man, that mp is so bad and boring.
TheTwelve  +   992d ago
Nooooooooooooooooo multiplayer!!!!
(I just tweeted them and begged them not to)
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MariaHelFutura  +   992d ago
I hope one of the swatters from the Vogon planet slaps them right across the face, everytime they think about multiplayer.
ATi_Elite  +   992d ago

Well here goes another SP Game RUINED!

This is SONY/MS making them do this and that's why I wish DEVS would just STAY on the PC.
Ares84HU  +   992d ago
How you figure that Sony/MS is making them do it?? Just curious about that logic.
Kanzes  +   992d ago
a WRPG games doesn't need a multiplayer mode
ShugaCane  +   992d ago
If it's a Demon's Souls kind of multiplayer why not. As long as the solo experience remains unchanged then they can try whatever they want. If there's one studio I trust it's CD Projekt !
TopDudeMan  +   992d ago
Yeah, okay, if they must, that is how they should do it, but it doesn't need it.
ApolloTheBoss  +   992d ago
Don't do it, please. Make single-player amazing and that will be more than enough.
RuleofOne343  +   992d ago
Don't do it your game is great just the way it is ,no need to wasted Resource on such a useless mode to ruin a great game .
Jek_Porkins  +   992d ago
*Facepalm* Hope they aren't thinking about DRM or on disc DLC.

These guys usually give a lot of value for the price, hopefully they see that meaningless multiplayer isn't what fans want with future Witcher games.
aliengmr  +   992d ago
Have to disagree with the first part. What on Earth would give that idea?

CDPR is based near the piracy capital of the world and have been staunchly anti-DRM.

They also don't believe in charging for DLC. To my knowledge they have never charged for DLC.
Jek_Porkins  +   992d ago
I was making a joke, online multiplayer doesn't suit Witcher games.
LAWSON72  +   992d ago
Maybe something like coop similar to mass effect 3. Other than that i am not interested and the crowd that buys witcher will only feel like there could have been more in the single player. And games with multiplayer always water down the game's rpg elements and simplifies gameplay way to much.
landog  +   992d ago
well, the arena mode the added in witcher 2 could be cool for deathmatch with your buddies.....but that could be done by a few people in a few weeks....other than that, don'twaste any precious resources on it
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MestreRothN4G  +   992d ago
If you really think you know what you're doing, DO IT!

Developers have to listen to their instincts, rather than to public reactions. They are artists and their creativity HAS to be put into their work.

If you think it fits well, if you think your game will be really better this way, go fo it, CDPR!

I can't wait to see what how game THEY WANT TO DO is compared to what GENERAL PUBLIC WANTS.
aliengmr  +   992d ago
What if it sucks and breaks the game?

Developer creativity isn't flawless, every crap game ever made is testament to that.

I would also say that Half-Life 2 was the by product of fan reaction to the leaked version.

They can do whatever they want, but they have to convince us to buy it.
MestreRothN4G  +   992d ago
That's the point.

If they do what they want, we will only know when it arrives.
If they don't, we already know it is toned down to please the bitc***g "fans".
MestreRothN4G  +   992d ago
What I'm trying to say is: their development should be based on "what I think will be awesome!", instead of "what I think players will call awesome!".

Actually, imo, is the second though that leads us to a thousand CoDs per year (with different names, including Battlefield 3 and Resident Evil 6) and dumbed down Assassin's Creeds. They are trying to follow a trend of casualization instead of their visions.

In other words, what about getting some info before yelling at them? Some MP experiences are very very good and didn't mess with the SP portion.
aliengmr  +   992d ago
First off, I am perfectly willing to hear what CDPR has to say.

What you don't seem to understand is the fate of a game is ultimately decided by those who buy it.

Creative "freedom" is a myth when money is involved.

EA/Maxis listened to their instincts and the result was SimCity.

"If they do what they want, we will only know when it arrives.
If they don't, we already know it is toned down to please the bitc***g "fans"."

This actually doesn't make much sense. CDPR is great but making Witcher 3 an open world, 20% larger than Skyrim is an extremely tall order. One I am completely unsure they will be able to do, despite my immense faith in them. Trying to tack on MP could have serious consequences.

CDPR has issues when launching their titles. If they want to add it later, fine, but I hope they choose to focus on the core game first.
GadgetGooch  +   992d ago
I just hope its straight up co-op exploring the land with a mate is always the best option for RPG's
IIC0mPLeXII  +   992d ago
And they called Skyrim generic, fucking hypocrites.
aLucidMind  +   992d ago
Having MP does not automatically make something generic, so how are they hypocrites?
IIC0mPLeXII  +   991d ago
You can't be serious. Everyone is shoehorning mp into their games these days (Dead Space, God of War, Last of Us) and that isn't generic? Yet some doosh at Project Red calls Skyrim, an amazing game that blows any other Red game out of the water, generic. Come on.
aLucidMind  +   991d ago
I can be and am serious. Just having MP does not make a game generic, how the MP is implemented determines whether the MP is generic but it can also not have any effect on the SP game. Look at Tomb Raider; the game is far from generic, but the MP certainly is. Max Payne 3 and RDR both have MP, neither are generic and their MPs are pretty good.

It really depends the implementation, not on the mere existence. I do agree though, developers need to stop trying to shoot for MP in their games to add longevity; make a good SP experience and it won't need MP. But, if it can be properly implemented without sacrificing SP's quality, then I see no problem.
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Mr-SellJack  +   992d ago
IMO every game should have multiplayer
it could be fitted properly somehow just look at gow:a,dark souls and journey all games that were doubted to have a good mp
for witcher 3 they should make a coop mode up to 8 people like resistance 2 and an 8vs8 feature where you have to steal treasure and loot rare items then bring them back to the ship
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aliengmr  +   992d ago
My first instinct is to say hell no. But this being from CDPR I'm willing to hear them out.
Summons75  +   992d ago
Get those impure thoughts out of your head! Not everything needs multiplayer, just because Sony is forcing that thought with the ps4 doesn't mean you need to bend to their will.
Roccetarius  +   992d ago
It was only a matter of time, before they would go down this endless hole. I just won't give them any money, if that's the case.
haggishurler  +   992d ago
I hope if they do go down that road that it is Free DLC just like the Witcher 2 had. I don't want it to interfere with the game at release.

I trust CDPR to make the right choice.
ame22  +   992d ago
If they really are determined it probably should be coop based allowing free roaming. They could also borrow from RDR to add little arenas in the world where you fight one to one.

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