Looks Like GameStop Won’t be Accepting Trade Ins on PS2 Systems and Games Starting Next Month

After nearly thirteen years on the market, the PlayStation 2′s production was discontinued and its successor’s successor, the PlayStation 4 was announced, essentially signifying the end of the console.

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TrendyGamers1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I guess I'll have to trade in all my copies of Madden 2001 now...

dbjj120881207d ago

NOOOO!! Please, why would you do this?!?! /sarcasm

It is the last one to go, an honor befitting of the generation's supreme king.

TrendyGamers1207d ago

I wonder if they'll advertise that it is 'now collectible'.

adorie1207d ago

One does not simply... Trade in a PS2.

Fishermenofwar1207d ago

You need the Boromir avatar to make such a statement...LOL

Too funny

adorie1206d ago

thy request hath been fulfilled.

Wedge191207d ago

At least we still find value in our HD collections. Take that however you want to (sarcastically or seriously, I mean it in both ways).

badjournalism1207d ago

Meh. You'll get more on ebay or Glyde, anyway.

Cam9771207d ago

I have mine and it is too late to trade in. I want it so I'll add it to my collection and keep it forever.
The only console I've sold is my PSP in replacement for my Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.