God of War: Ascension Delivers Legendary Visuals And Crucial New Combos

God of War: Ascension, Santa Monica Studio's new prequel to it's highly successful God of War series. What really shines above the advanced gameplay and more in-depth characterization is the art direction: the team behind Ascension spent hours on the research and conceptualization of characters that bring visual detail to a whole new level. The smallest bits and pieces will move, enemies will react to their surroundings, and the direction of color is truly vibrant without breaking the classic God of War palette.

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awkwardhamster1867d ago

I want to see him smile, laugh, and cry like a normal person.

Ezz20131867d ago

kratos ain't a normal person though

creHEARTive1867d ago

KRATOS ONLY KNOW RAGE!!!! and that is his problem.

BanBrother1867d ago


Well, to be fair, he knows how to fu** them.....and stomp their faces in...

Heisenburger1866d ago

That's really why I dug the full live action trailer. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed the story of the first GOW.

It's nice to be reminded of WHY exactly we are committing genocide.

Fishermenofwar1866d ago

LMAO!!! Bubbles my friend :)

KrisK1867d ago

To think how many games were influenced by GoW. Regardless of what you think about the games today.

1867d ago
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