Haswell Z87 Gaming Motherboard Round-Up: ASRock, MSI, GByte, BioStar, ASUS

GamersNexus: "MSI, BioStar, ASRock, and Gigabyte have all revealed detailed Haswell motherboard plans and prototypes for their impending Z87 boards at CeBIT in Germany; ASUS has additionally teased some information, but nothing of much use yet. All the boards mentioned herein are on Intel's upcoming LGA1150 socket type, made for their 4th-Gen Haswell CPUs."

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LocutusEstBorg1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

This is still a low end chipset and CPU socket. The older LGA2011 boards will still power the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E CPUs.

TheModernKamikaze1981d ago

Can anyone help me if I can put another HDD?
I have one 500GB ( I was going to buy 1TB but got cheap),
and it's 219GB already, maybe it's because of the games.

This is my motherboard:

The Meerkat1980d ago

If you've got a spare SATA just plug it in along with the power supply.

The hardest bit is setting up windows 7 to see it.
(not sure about windows 8)

Skynetone1980d ago

your new harddrive should come with sata cable and a sata power cable, are youll have to buy them

just look at your harddrive and see where its plugged in there should be some free slots, check your motherboard manual

if you want to replace your harddrive with the newer harddrive and you dont own windows to do a fresh install, youll have to clone your harddrive, see youtube

but before cloning id create a repair disc and defragment your hard drive, the repair disc is just incase some files dont get cloned, you can use your repair disc to fix the clone

ive done none of this before, so yeah, best talk to the experts

jerethdagryphon1980d ago

in win 7 follow these instructions

right click (my computer)

left click (manage)

double click (storage)
it should show up the drive as either unknown or a model number.

right click the drive and there should be make primary partition or format

select ntfs i think on format and you should be ready to go.

thats assuming the hardware wizard doesnt pick it up and do it for you

Hazmat131980d ago

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