Analysis: Is the Piston Worth $1000?

"A powerful micro-computer, the Piston fills the role of Valve's long-rumoured, though still elusive Steambox, by allowing users to play downloaded Steam games on their TVs. Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, it was expected that the Piston would cost between £150 and £300, offering a cheaper alternative to the big consoles and attract back would-be consumers put off by the expensive computer rigs needed to play PC games.

"But last week came the bewildering announcement that the Piston would cost $1,000. Far from offering an accessible, budget alternative to mid-range gaming computers, the Piston now seems to be on a par price-wise with the same complex set-ups that have put people off PC games for the past 15 years. It's an unexpected, sideways pricing move, though not wholly surprising says Enders analyst Heloise Thomson."

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ATi_Elite1983d ago


Size of a Volley Ball and almost Passively Air Cooled!

The $999.99 price tag gets you a 128GB SSD, a 3.2GHz quad-core AMD R464 processor with integrated graphics, and 8GB of DDR2 (YES DDR2) RAM.

My HTPC is more powerful than this CRAP and way cheaper.