Why Our God of War Ascension Review Isn’t & Won’t Be Out For A While Considering God of War Ascension is already out in North America and we’ve had the game for a while, you might wonder why our review isn’t out yet. The most obvious guess would be that we’re holding on to the game so we can test out the multiplayer, we wouldn’t want another Gears of War 2 problem where no damn review site told it’s readers that the multiplayer was BROKEN.

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Sev1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I finished the Gauntlet in three tries. Use the Eyes of Truth to stun the Gorgons and spam your fully leveled lighting spell. Gorgons release blue orbs which replenish magic if you brutal kill them. Then just survive until the second wave.

On the second wave, focus on the blue women as they release green orbs to replenish health. Again brutal kill them. Finally, just stay alive.

On the last wave, avoid the flames and don't attack the statue enemy during his forcefield thingy. Again, stay alive.


DragonKnight1895d ago

Forcefield thingies are the absolute worst.

Minato-Namikaze1895d ago

Just picked up my copy woot!