Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Top 5 Rumours So Far

"After Square-Enix’s disappointing presentation at the Sony PS4 revel conference, many rumours have started to swirl about the infamous game in development obscurity, Final Fantasy Versus XIII (FFvsXIII). A game shown at E3 2006 (yes, nearly 7 years ago) has not yet been showcased extensively, let alone given a release date." |

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D_RoyJenkins1984d ago

not being localized would be a heartbreaker. I've been anticipating this game for so long.

izumo_lee1984d ago

Heck look at what Squarenix is doing with FF Type-0 & to a lesser extent Bravely Default (if those localization rumors are true).

I will not be surprised if whenever Squarenix eventually wants to finish FF vs.13 they may not even localize the game at all. However i doubt it will happen though cause the game has to have a huge budget since it has taken this long.

My guess since it was the producer of the game that made that 'pathetic' PS4 announcement announcement that the game that they will show at e3 is indeed FF vs.13 & that it has switched over to next gen using the luminous engine. It was stated that the game is indeed using the engine to some extent.

joab7771984d ago

U r probably right. It may be a gorgeous game and may actually be a good action game but they need to ditch the 13 moniker entirely, including this and lightning returns. Next gen would be the perfect time to announce just sounds cool. It will have one huge map that u can traverse with all different types of transportation given to u in steps. The linaerity wont be as structured and will take place by guiding u a bit. It will have towns and dungeons and an evolution of 13's combat, which was good. It will be gorgeous like it always is but even better with luminkus enigine. (hell, just play ni no kuni to get some ideas...which is funny because they ultimately got ideas from FF). Then, u can also announce FF14 a realm reborn for the ps4 too. Maybe there is some type of overlap or story tie in...i dont know.

What i do know is that gamers r distrustful of FF13 anything. I think they have a golden opportunity to bring FF15 to the ps4 using luminous and the ressurection of all things rpg recently. I have faith.

mandf1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

What does this have a 360 label when it has been stated time and time again it's exclusive? Nothing even has been mentioned about the 360 so this should be properly submitted in the appropriate section.

Roper3161984d ago

it is possible it could be a timed exclusive or maybe they already have a deal for it to go MP and are waiting till the next public reveal/showing to announce it. Just sayin..

mandf1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Until any kind of announcement it's still exclusive and should be submitted as such.

NeXXXuS1984d ago

The game is staying an exclusive. I'm hoping Squenix learned their lesson about making a final fantasy game multiplat and trying to "westernize" it. They we're doing fine up until XIII came out.

The Great Melon1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I really hope they don't drop the action RPG aspect of the game. That and the dark modern setting were probably the two points that most are looking forward to.

If they have changed it that much, I will feel very betrayed.

colonel1791984d ago

I don't believe that it won't be an action RPG. It would be messed up since that was the excitement for that title alone. If true, then Square Enix is dead. They then, should just be a publisher, because as developers are failing so bad they are leading themselves to the ground.

tiffac0081984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Okay, if this game is still alive and gets released this year in Japan but does not get localized down the line. Then there would not be enough facepalm in the world for that failure.

Not localizing FF Type-0 and Bravely Default is bad enough as it is.

Dj7FairyTail1984d ago

Bravely Default is coming to the West just no solid news or confirmation.
It being considered because us Nintendo 3DS owners want it.

tiffac0081984d ago

That's the problem bro, no solid confirmation. It just make no sense. Unless they are going to tell us there is some copyright issue like what happened to Type-0 :( :( :(

Dj7FairyTail1984d ago

of release date or window is what I am talking about

TongkatAli1984d ago

It's gonna be good, that's all that matters.

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