Witcher 3 On Next-Gen Will 'Achieve CG Movie' Graphics

NowGamer: "The Witcher 3 isn't out until 2014, but CD Projekt RED is already certain it will get the best out of next-gen consoles when it does release."

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Snookies121864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

So they're saying even over PC? That PS4/Next Xbox will look better?

TimmyShire1864d ago

Hmm. Story doesn't seem to say specifically, but CDPR always seem to be pro-PC so I'd doubt it.

NewMonday1864d ago

Sasko: "Sony didn’t talk too much about the new possibilities the PS4 gives, so I will not spoil any of their surprises"

so there are still some surprises about the hardware

I'm intrigued

sobekflakmonkey1864d ago

am I the only person that hasnt been super impressed by any of the witcher games when it comes to graphics? I'm talking PC maxed out....I personally don't think it's that great looking of a game, even the screens released from number 3....I own 2 on PC and I've played it...not that great looking maxed out...

hesido1864d ago

It was mentioned by other developers that Sony did not spill all its beans... I think GDC and E3 will be really fertile with new information.

FragMnTagM1864d ago


No, you are not the only one, I don't think it looks that great technically speaking. Art direction, sure, but actual graphics not so much.

I think people confuse art style and graphics a little too much. They do go hand in hand, e.g. Okami, Journey, Flower, and so on, yet I don't think they are graphics processing heavy. Beautiful games hell yeah, just not pushing polygons.

The Witcher games look great, but they look great not maxed out. When maxed out, they clean up jaggies (AA), and add some lighting effects and so on, but the textures aren't the greatest (except character models). The character models look great polygon and art wise, while the environments tend to look good art wise.

Maybe someone can explain the differences and similarities better than I, but that is how I see The Witcher games.

Unrelated, but Crysis 3 to me has a great art direction as well as fantastic graphics. The story and gameplay are pretty average, but for the moment Crysis 3 is the graphics king. There are games with mods that look better with mods, but unmodded, Crysis 3 is stunning.

Truehellfire1864d ago


I agree that the Witcher 2 isn't the best looking game, but definitely one of the better ones. The art style is what made it stand out. The reason why the screens from the Witcher 3 don't look better is because they were rendered using the engine from the Witcher 2, not the new engine they have been working on. That has been confirmed from multiple sources. I expect will we see the new engine in action come E3

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1863d ago

Honestly, the pc version of Dark Souls looks better than the witcher 2 and it was little more than a port. This game doesn't look all that good.

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NYC_Gamer1864d ago

I believe CDPR is talking about on all platforms

Walker1864d ago

Next xbox is weaker than PS4, i know what are you talking about !

Ares84HU1864d ago

I sure hope so. The Witcher is an amazing game. Just playing it on PC right now. Actually the second one and I love the game. Can't wait for the 3rd one to come out and love to see how it will compare on PS4/nextbox/PC.

xboxlj1864d ago

"Next xbox is weaker than PS4, i know what are you talking about !"

Spoken like a true fanboy

Snookies121864d ago

Yeah, I would think it would be across all, as they are primarily PC developers. Still, it'll be nice to see this game in action, that's for sure.

TimmyShire1864d ago

Massively so! I never played Witcher 2 since it was on Xbox 360 but what I saw of it was technically outstanding. A lot of people say it's a great game too.

AngelicIceDiamond1864d ago

I think its safe to assume they'll show off console version of this game.

That's one thing this gen lacked was current gen exposure. games like Witcher, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and other big ambitious games that were based off the PC will get shown off on PS4 and 720 more frequently.

Remember how long it took BF3 to get shown off on console? And when it finally did it wasn't nearly as great as PC? No more of that (at least for a while).

I suspect they'll show Witcher 3 on console first because of the high quality fidelity the next gen console will be able to render.

Devs can get excited and proud to show console version first with PS4 and 720. Instead of being skeptical, embarrassed, afraid like they were with current gen.

landog1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


a multiplat game better on console than pc????



will ps4 do 2560x1600? never
16x anti aliasing? never
60-120 frames per second? never

no ps4/720 game will EVER look better than the pc version

thats like asking if the ps2 version will look better than the ps4 version

its impossible

now it may look better on ps4 than on YOUR pc...if you have some old relic that can only run it in 640p or something

Kanzes1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

It's possible that Next-Gen will be more powerful than PC for the next 1-2 year.

We don't know yet what PS4/X720 are capable of.. for what I know, PS4 will use the "latest" and "the most powerful" AMD GPU.. and PS4 is capable to run any 4K movies too.

And lastly, I've heard something that Killzone: Shadow Falls, which looked really so good (slightly better than Crysis 3) is just using 1/5 of PlayStation 4 power.

Skynetone1864d ago

calm down landog, pc version will obviously have a 60fps option/higher res/mods etc

im sure the ps4 version will be locked to 30fps and 1080p, but it will still be stunning

chukamachine1864d ago

landog I could show you 16x aa vs 8 and you would not be able to tell.

I'd prefer better aa then more aa.

120fps isn't needed. But stable framerate is, whether that's 30/60.

As for PS4 looking better then pc, depends on pc and depends how much of that ram is being used. Remember the PS4 has a lot of bandwidth to both cpu/gpu.

I guess we will see at E3 where these games really are in comparison.

More looking forward to exclusives on the PS4 and seeing new things.

Remember Motorstorm - original. I had a beast of a pc waiting for a game like that, it never came.

Consoles get games pc's do not.

MariaHelFutura1864d ago

PC fanboys are a little extra insane lately.

MysticStrummer1864d ago

lol @ that patented PC gamer insecurity.

ninjahunter1864d ago

Ummm... What...

Like 90% of PC gamers game at 1080p With antialiasing off or very low, with a framerate between 30 and 60.

Quit making up lies.
No one games with 16xaa at 2560x1600 at 60-120fps. You know how much Vram that would take? The PS4 would piss itself With its 8gb trying to run that.

Most pc gamers will game between normal and high settings at 1080p between 30-60fps with no anti aliasing. Not that many people are running around with SLI 680's and whatever.

BitbyDeath1864d ago

Wasn't Dark Souls better on consoles than PC?
Never say never.
PC does have mods though so even if it is the inferior version i'm sure someone can bring it up to speed.

aquamala1864d ago


no, people complain that Dark Souls is a console port, meaning it looks exactly like the console versions and not taking advantage of more powerful PCs, but it's not worse than the console versions.

Irishguy951864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Kanzes. We do know what the Ps4 is capable of. It's not as capable as the high end PC's of today. Even at that, I'd say Ps4 Witcher 3 will be almost identical to PC witcher 3, with the exception of Framerate.

Also, that's some major BS about KZ3 using 1/5 of the Ps4's power. How do you even know how much of it they were using + why do you think only 1/5? KZ devs used everything the PS4 offers besides the extra Ram sony threw in last they used the PS4's power almost entirely as far as we know. Unless for some reason they didn't want to use the system to it's fullest.

Studio-YaMi1864d ago

Damage control much ?
pipe down PC fanboy ! xD

Dude4201863d ago

"PC fanboys are a little extra insane lately."

Nope, sorry, both Sony AND PC fanboys are a little extra insane. As soon as the PS4 got announced, you could see both camps saying the dumbest comments on this site, very popcorn worthy.

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kevnb1864d ago

people should realize how pr works by now.

joab7771864d ago

I am guessing that both versions will be much better. I know theres a war between the two camps because pc gamers have had such an advantage in the graphical department for years, but there shouldnt be. Everyone should be happy because it will result in better games for everyone.

Mariusmssj1864d ago

CDPR will make the best out of every platform they work with.

They said each platform will have custom UI so PC UI will be made for PC's and console UI for consoles :)

Tei7771864d ago

PC is always considered "Next-Gen', so no.

BitbyDeath1864d ago

No it isn't, PC is just PC.

1886afc1864d ago

"next-gen" is always "current-gen" on pc

vojtas1861d ago

PC has no gens. PC is forever young. :D

colonel1791864d ago

And then, we will compare Witcher 3 graphics with games released on 2017 and it will look like crap.

I find it funny though, how at the start of every generation we see a great improvement on some launch window games, but when compared to the last games of the console cycle they look terrible.

Dude4201863d ago

I think the only game that is the exception to what you're saying is Crysis. It was released in 2007, yet for years it still looked better, or as good as PC games up to 2012.

Sure, we notice some textures aren't as great, but some of the levels still look phenomenal.

ATi_Elite1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

"We will take full advantage of our new REDengine 3," says Pawel Sasko, quest designer at CD Projekt RED. "With the new renderer we haven’t unveiled yet, we want to achieve CG movie quality for our game's graphics."

Now where in that quote does it say CG movie quality for the PS4?

Consolers need to stop taking things outta context.

I'm already sick of the PS4 cause people think the thing is gonna Cure Cancer. I can't wait till the dam thing is released so Consolers can get dragged back down to Earth.

I don't think the PS4 can handle The Witcher 2 on Ultra with Uber Sampling ON.

But like I said I can't wait for the final specs of the DAM GPU so we can put this NON-SENSE to it's GRAVE!

Sony left out the GPU specs for a Reason......That reason is so Fanboys can get all Hyped up using their imagination and Screaming "8GB GDDR5" without knowing the most important thing, THE GOT DAM GPU SPECS.

Looking forward to the Witcher 3 as it will be great no matter the platform as CD Projekt Red are GREAT DEVS!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Lets see if Killzone can at least run at 60fps at a resolution pc gamers have been playing for 5+ years now. Then we will see.

For now it's 30fps.

Yeah ps4 is beast not becuase it's super powered but because of ok specs and optimization but compared to high end pc it's a lil weakling.

With gddr6 and ddr4 coming next year I want to see what will happen.

If an intel desktop 4 core cpu can crap all over and amd 8 core desktop cpu then I can't imagine an intel 4 core desktop cpu vs an amd 8 core tablet cpu. But hey console need to be cheap right?

I think most ps4 games will be 30fps. If they make all games 1080p, 60fps then over time they will have to lower the fps as the hardware gets old. So I think devs will just keep it at 30fps and use the rest of the power over time. To help avoid the degrading of quality.

Still want a ps4 though for the exclusives.

adonisisfree1864d ago

I can't wait until the ps4 comes out proves you wrong. TROLL!!!

zbg316101864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

you complain about fanboys taking things out of context, only hearing what they want to hear, yet over the last few weeks several developers have clearly stated that they believe the ps4 to out perform pcs for a year or a few.

And I don't know you, but I assume those developer knows a significantly larger amount than you, since you are the public and a left to only speculate, about things like ps4 gpu specs.

Which brings me to my next point, are you not as well jumping to conclusions about the ps4? you don't know anything about the gpu, so please just stop talking. Besides the gpu is important but not be all end all for consoles, considering that they are setup differently than pcs, and therefore comparing the gpu to a pc gpu to determine graphical fidelity is pretty much pointless

MYSTERIO3601863d ago

"Sony didn’t talk too much about the new possibilities the PS4 gives, so I will not spoil any of their surprises."

Cant wait for E3 Sony still has more to show


Not a single word in this entire article states anything about PC looking less visually compared to the console counter-part or even better... there's not even a mention of PC in the article other than "Consoles can do better than they used to", Congrats to them! No matter what "SONY" has "hidden" or undisclosed...... the outcome will always be the same for all eternity, they will always be several years behind the PC market considering the PC market is permanently open to the PC public: In other words, all of the technology is always up-gradable, always changeable, always easily adapted and modded, unlike console. Consoles will eventually become cheap PC's in console form, for people who can't build, or are too lazy to mod/build their own PC's..
Such a simple, no-brainer concept... how do people MIX and construe all of these facts with opinions?.. How do people still not understand who the GRANDFATHER/FATHER of all gaming is? PC is the God/and or creator of all games, is used to create consoles-coding/games, and graphics alike; YOU have to be absolutely insane to believe that will ever change... it can't and won't, it doesn't make sense logically or in reality for it to be the other way around when one side is limited and the other is uncapped - or unlimited, how can you measure unlimited against limited? You can't.
Snookies, I hate your name, and stop posting irrelevant questions on gaming sites, you're causing mass disinformation from your ignorance, literally. Thanks

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GribbleGrunger1864d ago

CG quality in an open world game? I really hope they're not exaggerating, I'm just a tad sceptical at the moment. I did find this exciting though:

"Sony didn’t talk too much about the new possibilities the PS4 gives, so I will not spoil any of their surprises."

Hurry up E3.

classic2001864d ago

Think about it, with the amount of ram inside the PS4 it is possible.

Deep down was basically CGI quality in my opinion and with more ram they can bring this beauty all over an open world world setting easily.

Dlacy13g1864d ago

yes...but was Deep Down actually gameplay footage or was it merely CGI with a HUD overlay to make it look like gameplay? I don't know that anyone from Capcom confirmed that was actual game play yet instead of target render.

AnteCash1864d ago

Deep down is running real time.

guitarded771864d ago

Yeah, my first thought was "Don't make promises you can't fulfill". I guess we'll have to wait and see.

GribbleGrunger1864d ago

To take them at their word you would have to assume the quality of Cages head on all NPCs, including bodies, buildings and environments ... I'll be shocked if that happens.

Eamon1864d ago

CDProjekt Red are a studio of very talented people.

They could actually pull this off.

ninjahunter1864d ago

I would trust CDprojekt red, they dont mess around haha, You could count the threads in clothing in the witcher 2, and they said themselves that they limited the graphics because they wanted people to actually be able to play it. Sounds like their going all out this time around. Im excited, A large scale Witcher 2? That pretty much solves every bad thing i had about witcher 2.

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MoveTheGlow1864d ago

You'll have to be more specific, ProjectRED. I think we already surpassed Tron around the advent of the PS2, and WarGames way before that. :P

Granted, they'll always be correct. The CG in The Land Before Time VII was horrendous; they'll always be better than that by default.

FantasyStar1864d ago

Pre-hype is the most addicting kind of hype.