More Leaked Screenshots From Star Wars: First Assault Show A Glorious Cloud City

Yesterday we told you about Star Wars: First Assault, the troubled multiplayer shooter that may never see the light of day thanks to uncertainty at the development studio LucasArts.
First Assault was to be a downloadable "predecessor" to Star Wars: Battlefront III. It was supposed to come out this spring, but LucasArts froze all hiring and new game announcements in September and has yet to decide whether or not to release First Assault.

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Blacktric1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

"Hey guys, this might be the most promising Star Wars project someone has ever developed in the last three years. LET'S JUST CANCEL IT!"

I swear the people who are responsible for such decisions are just plain retarded. First Battlefront 3, now this. And to think this game's release and possible positive reception was supposed to be a gateway for the release of Battlefront 3...

AnotherProGamer1981d ago

actually this is still in development and to be released this fall

also they said Battlefront 3 depends on the success of this game.

eliteslaya131981d ago

Why should BF3's fate depend on a random XBLA game? I don't get that, it's a guaranteed hit unless Lucasarts clearly does something wrong,

And making a BF game shouldn't be that complicated. You copy and paste an iconic SW location, add a few flags and vehicles to the environment, then, well, nothing else!

AnotherProGamer1981d ago

They said they want to test the waters if people are interested in a new Star Wars shooter

I'm pretty sure they got Battlefront 3 in development right now

WeskerChildReborned1981d ago

That's dumb, no doubt if they made a BF3, it would be one of their top sellers, seriously why do some devs just drop all the fun great titles of last gen?

greatcrusader441981d ago

Oh my god it just figures this would happen. Been waiting for a good Star Wars game this whole generation and when the PREDECCESOR to BF3 is months from being released, something happens which may get it canceled and may not get a BF3 game again.

HammadTheBeast1981d ago

Kinect Star wars 2 is more anticipated.


CommanderWTF1981d ago

Hey this game looks like it has some potential...which means there is no chance of this getting released.

Sarobi1981d ago

Disney needs to step up and tell these guys to get their act together.. I swear LucasArts has absolutely no idea how to go about things.

Muffins12231981d ago

In the gaming industry,yes

DeltaCanuckian1981d ago

Disney is no better. The catastrophe they created with TRON: Evolution and Propaganda Games is enough to show that, they just don't understand how to appeal to core gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.