PETA on StarCraft: Zerglings Have Feelings, Too

PETA is headed into space as they defend the lovable (?) Zerglings against cruel and unjust violence. Wait, PETA on StarCraft? Have they even played the game? These things are vicious!

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BlakeA1808d ago Just because that guy looked up the three races on StarCraft does not mean he's a gamer lol. What's next, Save the Necromorphs?

AztecFalcon1808d ago

To be honest, I'd like to see a Necromorph parody picture like the cuddly Zergling they did here. That would be hilarious.

GMachine291808d ago

Man, these people are desperate for attention... or they're world's biggest trolls... or both.

PrimeLantern1808d ago

I want that as a Zergling plushie.

LAWSON721808d ago

No they dont they are not real, stupid *** peta. Nice to see you can try to change virtual worlds but do shit in the real one.