Metal Gear Rising still selling well in Europe, PlayStation 3 version most popular

Sales charts from different European countries show Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is still selling well. In most lists the game appears in the top 10 for the third consecutive week since its release. Notable, but not too surprising, is the fact that the game sells significantly better on Sony's console than on Microsofts. This is true for all countries in the list below that show individual systems (for the others it is impossible to check of course).

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Xaphy1928d ago

Europe always favored Sony.

Snookies121928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Yeah, that's Sony land over there lol. Still, good to see the game doing well. I honestly didn't have a lot of hope for it after all it went through. I haven't bought it yet, and probably won't until it's a little cheaper since it's quite short, but it does look fun. You know, so long as you don't take the story as being part of the Metal Gear Solid universe.

Xaphy1928d ago

I bought it and I can tell you it's challenging and fun. You won't get away with button mashing. It's definitely nothing close to devil may cry. Not that I didnt love DMC but this is something different and refreshing.

A tip though: check all the moves online because you have to figure them out yourself.

SAE1928d ago

Just play it for what it is and you will love it.

classic2001928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

LOL you want to know how much Europe love playstation, take a look at Eurogamer articles and if you think N4G got a lot of playstation fans, you will rethink what you thought.

delboy1928d ago

Nah, it's a MGS game, used to be a Sony exclusive.

Irishguy951928d ago

Both are true.

EU support good systems and games.

TXIDarkAvenger1928d ago

MGS isn't exclusive to Sony...Don't know where you got that from, even before Rising. Not to mention this ISN'T a MGS game, its MGR.

delboy1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Of course, it was a Sony exclusive, not anymore, but still mgs is more popular franchise among playstation users.

Except for mgs1 on GameCube and pc, every mgs/zoe game was exclusive to Sony platform until recently.
And the old msx games, but back then there were no sony console.

It's MGR, but it plays in MGS universe.

The_Devil_Hunter1928d ago

Its because of the Champions League!

Fakdafakinfakerz1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Europe doesn't like Microsoft.

Godmars2901928d ago

So. What does Japan and Europe know that the U.S. doesn't?

patterson1928d ago

1) Good taste.
2) A will to not be screwed over by monthly fees.

Hergula1921d ago

Yes we do, not sure as to why though...

Either way, Metal Gear Rising was a kickass game and definetly worth the purchase.

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Ezz20131928d ago

MGR best version is the ps3 version so that helped too
and any MGS title will always sell more on ps console

Root1928d ago

Well it is MGS

Playing a MGS game on the 360 would feel werid in my opinion, same with playing a FF game on one or Tomb Riader, GTA.

_FantasmA_1928d ago

Every game feels weird on 360. It feels weird that it even plays games to begin with. I'm used to just seeing ads for everything unrelated to gaming, although there is a very small icon somewhere on the screen that allows me to start the game lost among all the Toyota and Dorito ads.

shoddy1928d ago

It feel weird to play non shooting games on Xbox.

DOMination-1927d ago

There is one ad in one of the tiles. If you think that's bad then i hate to see what you think of ps4. Sony has a patent on delivering ads via loading screens, pause menus etc.

TuxedoMoon1928d ago

Great games deserve great sales. This game was a lot of fun.

pr0t0typeknuckles1928d ago

well it was a great game much better than DmC and even god of war in my opinion

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