E3 2013 Predictions: Microsoft

In the midst of the recent PS4 reveal, Microsoft has been rather quiet about their next move and even the rumors surrounding the Durango have been winding down as of late. Could it be that they’re discreetly gauging the public response?

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dangerousjo441957d ago

and games were 40 bucks back in the NES days and their was no trade in places yet and guess what we did when we had a bad game we kept it and bought new better games when we could and it was just fine so stop crying lil babys and xbox has over 70 million units sold so far so can you please tell me what casual game is really making the xbo 360 sell right now cus i can only see core games softwere sells running the game industry still cod,halo4,bf3,AC,batman.fable, and alot more core games so weres the casual games at that im always hearing about lol i mean ps3 has a move ,and wii still got wii mote ,and xbox360 got kinect so were all doing motion gaming with casual games but were all still doing more core games then ever.