Straight Right not yet ready for Wii U game reveal

Nintendo Insider writes:

Having indicated that they were preparing to reveal their next Wii U project, Straight Right have now backtracked saying that they can’t discuss it.

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mcstorm1901d ago

Wow this site is turning into lets hate Nintendo site. I wonder what it will be next as it seems when someone brings out a new console its all doom and gloom. Last year was the PSV now its the WiiU I wonder if it will be the PS4 or Next Xbox next.

stragomccloud1901d ago

Turning into???
This has been a Nintendo hate site for as long as I can remember.

Though it's admittedly becoming a lot worse now with outright lying and misinformation.

mcstorm1901d ago

Ive not noticed that a few years ago it was all against the PS3 then Kinect came out and it was all against Kinect then the 3DS then the PSV and now the WiiU.

Anyone would think this site was a Sports site where people just spit there dummy out over the smallest things.

DivineAssault 1901d ago

ya, basically the game will be canned.. With PS4 incoming, more & more ppl will lose interest in wii u even if they launch some heavy hitting 1st party titles.. Good luck