How God Of War: Ascension’s Hidden Code Points To A New Hero For GoW IV

"God Of War: Ascension, out tomorrow, has a hidden message protected by a cipher. It’s found on one of the paintings in the game, and has had people scratching their head since it was highlighted."

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Root1898d ago

Kratos is God of War

It's like Uncharted without Nathan Drake or Tomb Raider without Lara Croft. It just wouldn't be the same

kratos1231898d ago

come on man let SSM experiment with somebody new, you don't know if they can or cannot replace kratos.

NewMonday1898d ago

the Greek myth hs has run it's course, we need a new mythology, an new hero and new gameplay for a new genration

ginsunuva1898d ago

We don't need mythology; they should do something unexpected.

Omni-Tool1898d ago

I vote a viking type setting for the new GOW.

As for this article, it sounds like its part of a puzzle where you have to put images or statues in order.

dafegamer1898d ago

It Wont be god of war without any mythology

Omegasyde1898d ago

No they should use Nariko. Anyone who beat Heavenly sword also knows there is a "slight" possibility of a sequel there too. I mean Let Kratos rest.


At the end of Heavenly Sword, Nariko is presumed dead because the sword was cursed and all and her village put her "dead" body on a boat and let it go to sea.

Heres the ending for those whom forgot

She could pull a krato's (after all dude died how many times?) and wake up in another land preferably one with their own set of deity's i.e. Egyptian/Norse/Super Saiyan's etc.

Technically in the final battle her spirit fused with the "god" spirit of the sword.

****End of Spoiler****

Why should should Sony waste the IP on one outing? And for #%@%#@ sake let Sony Santa Monica do this sequel and NOT Ninja Theory.

+ The Voice actress (Anna Torv) who played Nariko is now unemployed due to "Fringe" ending. Window of opportunity.

guitarded771898d ago

Then make a NEW IP... don't take a chance of ruining a classic series. I can understand making a completely new franchise worthy game. I cannot understand changing GoW into something other than the story of Kratos.

AsimLeonheart1898d ago

I agree; it will refresh the game and also silence the media that has been bashing this game. Regarding Ascension, I do not care what the media says. It is up to the consumer to decide if he likes the product/service or not. Media can praise or bash all it wants. If the consumer hates it then that is it and if the consumer loves it then that is it. Just like it happened with DmC; the media praised it but the gamers did not buy it.

morganfell1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The real window of opportunity is the fact that the greatest of all Greek supermen, Hercules (the more well known Romanized version of the Greek Heracles) and his 12 Labors could make for one of the greatest games ever. In the hands of Sony Santa Monica the game would be incredible. After all, so much of the Kratos story is blueprinted from Heracles.

They have to completely divorce it from the GoW universe. The inclusion of the Kratos/Hercules fight in GoW3 was an error and a resolute misinterpretation of the Hercules myth.

There are two movies in the works as well. One a sure to be forgettable popcorn version with The Rock, and the other a more serious and tragic take on the classic tale.

SuperSandLegend1898d ago

@NewMonday I'd like to see Norse mythology...or how about Saiyan mythology? Yeah!

knowyourstuff1898d ago

Kratos is definitely God of War, but it doesn't mean that they can't shake up the series, experiment with Kratos' brother, going back and forth between the two in an intertwining story. Although the logic this "author" is using makes absolutely no sense, just like every other conspiracy theorist's logic.

You can't get any actual words out of the jumbled string of letters unless you're super high on acid. Whatever nonsensical result you get means about as much as the other voices in your head, if you really thought it was another character that had something to do with lions and the sun. I mean really.

DragonKnight1897d ago

The funny thing is, they've been talking about a "new hero" since the end of the first GoW. Hasn't happened.

MysticStrummer1897d ago

It wouldn't bother me to see another character take on the gods from another mythology. I'm tired of Kratos actually. Though I loved GoW3, one of my first thoughts playing the game was a mental sigh when Kratos started yelling. They could have new characters tear through several different mythologies in different games, then have an epic crossover story where all these characters, including Kratos, meet.

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Xaphy1898d ago

Kratos and Norse mythology would be freaking epic. Imagine having to fight Odin and all the norse gods.

Root1898d ago

I don't see why they don't do that

I mean there is people who say Odin and Zeus were the same person in our real life mythologies and that they were just what the Norse myth represented Zeus as in their own representation of the greek gods but I suppose in the game they could make them totally different

Then you have other gods aswell in other mythologies....theres so many of them

kingmushroom1898d ago

dude that would be METAL \m/

Xaphy1898d ago


and in metal we trust

Sketchy_Galore1898d ago

Norse mythology would be a great fit for this kind of game but then I'd like to go the whole hog and play as Beowulf.

Omni-Tool1898d ago

Norse mythology would be awesome but I think they should do a new protagonist. Someone more heir to the viking battle set and mythos. Kratos was great for Greek mythos but the torch needs to be passed on.

Ezz20131898d ago

kratos vs thor
that would be as epic as they come
OMG make it happen SSM ..DO IT

MysticStrummer1897d ago

I'd rather they have a new character take on the norse gods, then have other games where other new characters take on the gods of their own mythologies, then have a final game where all these characters, including Kratos, meet. Maybe they could all team up to take on Cthulhu... co-op!!!

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rainslacker1898d ago

I agree, but realistically there is only so far you can go with the story in my opinion. Eventually they will just start recycling things, and at some point his anger, and the motivations of the Gods will get boring to people. Not to say they've reached that point yet, as I recall GOWIII did hint at a sequel.

Quite honestly, if they wanted to go this route I'd prefer they expand into a new IP. I really like the series and don't want to see it get run into the ground, and staying with one IP can limit advancement as people want things to stay like they were.

Root1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


Well they should of done a spin off using a new hero instead of doing God of War Ascension in my opinion. Prequels should be left to handhelds.

Main titled games should always feature the main character if you can.

Tony-Red-Grave1898d ago

same goes for snake and mgs. characters we are s9 use to seeing that when their replaced it breaks our hearts. Quite frankly GoW doesn't need a sequel. its like MGS the story has been told the character did what he had to and the story has all been wrapped up.

making sequels after such epic endings only really hurts the story and what made those characters so awesome to begin with.

joab7771898d ago

Maybe its God of something else...probably too risky. Most likely explanantion, if Mithras can ressurect people, is that he will bfing Kratos back. Makes u wonder whats left to do.

Derekvinyard131898d ago

They should make a new mythology I know these guys can do it there very talented

x5exotic1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Easy: God of Death featuring a bad ass from another mythology... or any God of X

just don't do some horsemen/angel/devils/bible/dm c/darksiders/dante's inferno crap because it's been done too many times just in the last 3 years and they all sucked.

Mesopotamian myths would be fresh. (egyptian ones are overused) and south american-y ones are better fit for explorer games like UC and TR and Temple Run :P

Roman gods are similar to greek stuff so it wouldn't be that different.

Japanese mythologies would be badass

PS: How about a Kratos x Nariko tag-team co-op game?

Or maybe a Zeus and Co. vs Titans spin-off...Great War

Cam9771898d ago

• God Of Chaos
• God Of Death
• God Of Punishment
• God Of Justice (haha!)

MysticStrummer1897d ago

Think of the outrage if they had a game where you take on the God of Abraham. I picture Kratos or some other character yelling "Yahweh!!!" a lot.

Tontus1898d ago

It's true that God of War without Kratos or Tomb Raider without Lara Croft would be wrong, they're so popular and beloved, but Uncharted without Nathan Drake? That would be a welcome change! He isn't very popular at all ( and he's an incredibly shallow character who's only like-able because he's a joker & a goody two-shoes, I'd love to see a different character for Uncharted but a new protagonist for God of War would have to be pretty damn awesome to make sure millions of God of War fans don't get pissed off, I don't mind a new charcter but only if it's because SSM WANT to do a new character versus making a new character to appease the critics & minority... I'd really miss Kratos, we need more anit-hero relentlessly badass lead characters instead of all the generic pretty boy comedian holier-than-thou protagonists.

Root1898d ago

Are you joking....Nathan Drake is popular

It's one of the many reasons why people like Uncharted....the main character.

Seraphim1898d ago

I could see change. I mean where did Kratos come from. He made a pact with Aries. Perhaps Kratos made a pact with.... In turn cursing his life and seeking vengeance. Ok slightly ridiculous. As it stands it seems Kratos story has become slightly convoluted. While I love the game, the gameplay, stories, epic monsters, titans, etc, it's hard to see this franchise continuing. At the same time it's easy to see a great storyteller coming up with new additions the fit into Kratos life, story, journey.... Aries is dead, Kratos is the God of War so yeah it would be hard seeing a change.

princejb1341898d ago

even though i agree kratos is god of war
they could also reboot the series and take a different approach with a different story and different character

IAmLee1898d ago

New Catchphrase - 'I am the god of war, I will mildly injure you.'

Hudahudahuda1898d ago

Kratos is God of War, He makes the game. Root I agree with you 100% percent he's adds spice to the series.

If anything I think God of War should go towards the Primordials. Kratos taking on beings that embody the Universe itself. Now that would take God of war to new levels IMO. Or they could go with christianity. I remeber seeing a picture of the three wise men in God of War 2. It would be very intresting if Kratos had somehow started the events for abrahamic religions to unfold.

showtimefolks1898d ago

a GOD OF WAR game without Kratos won't be the same, also a game with Nathan Drake or Lara Croft won't be Uncharted or Tomb Raider.

I am still not happy with the fact that Commander shepard won't be the main hero for next ME game

but that's just my opinion, but i also think it maybe time for some rest for Kratos so lets see what SSM works on next, they also have 2 separate teams

Y_51501898d ago

I would have thought the same if it wasn't for Second Son. To me, inFAMOUS was Cole McGrah but that changed when I saw SP new game. SP wants to broaden the universe. I can't see why they couldn't do the same for GOW.

helghast1021897d ago

"or Tomb Raider without Lara Croft."
They already did that, that new Lara was NOT Lara Croft.

Kran1897d ago

I agree... yet... it seems they're able to do

(spoiler dont read if you aint finished assassins creed 3)


They're able to do assassins creed 4 without Desmond it so seems. I think anyway.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-1898d ago

hmmm I think a new hero with new weapon and moves and new world could be fresh new start. and with PS4 technology...
I would like that.
I like Kratos but sometimes a new start is better for the IP

Ace_Pheonix1898d ago

Like Heavenly Sword 2! That would make me one very happy gamer.

kevinsheeks1898d ago

i also would love a sequel it was a great game

I_am_Batman1898d ago

"A new Hero with a new weapon and moves and new world could be fresh"

I Agree but it would be a new IP essentially and have nothing to do with God of War.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-1898d ago

I know but didn't he pretty much kill every god and creature in Greek mythology.
I don't know if a new hero would have enough new creatures/enemies to kill in Greek mythology ;-)

mandf1898d ago

I would like to see Santa Monica do a Heavenly Sword sequel. I always hear about Kratos's brother but he's dead and people miss that fact.

Hanso1898d ago

Kratos died all the time didnt stop him did it?

mandf1898d ago

Kratos's father was Zues and he unlocked powers from pandoras box. Kratos brother was mortal.

Sharius1898d ago

Deimos has the birthmark which Zues think is the threat for him so i think they will come up with something else about that

but yeah, the GoW w/o Kratos really feel miss something, i do love when they make the game have both of brother in this, the thanatos battle feel really epic

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snowman21491898d ago

Its not a new hero it just means that Mithras will bring Kratos back to life in GOW4