Ron Gilbert and Clayton Kauzlaric bringing pirates to iOS

Twinfinite | Ron Gilbert announced his departure from Double Fine, but then noted he and Clayton Kauzlaric are back together for more iOS gaming fun. He also shared a nifty map of The Cave's cave.

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broli40001982d ago

Very sad to see Ron Gilbert head out on his own but I guess it means that mobile gaming is going to be a lot more interesting soon.

GoingToMonkeyIsland1982d ago

One thing I've noticed with Ron and Clay on iOS development is, when you play their game, you can tell they had a lot of fun making it. You can see Ron's personality all over the writing and the actual game is super smooth~

So I'm def excited. ^^

broli40001982d ago

Do you think they will be going towards Android systems as well? I don't think I noticed that in your article.

GoingToMonkeyIsland1982d ago

@broli - good question. I don't think so, since TBBC is iOS-exclusive, too.