Why Should Developers Bother With PS Vita?

"I’d just like to make one thing clear, this isn’t a PS Vita “doom and gloom” piece. It’s just a quick look at why developers should bother investing in making original game, or even ports for the PS Vita.

I love the PS Vita, it’s a great console and fills a gap that tablets and smartphones just can’t. It provides great gameplay, great controls and for the most part great graphics. It’s getting cheaper too, with the price cut in Japan sales have rocketed and the console is picking up popularity over here in the West too, but is it appealing to developers?" - TGC

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Muffins12231777d ago

Yes,why should they bother when there sales where up 10x the normal amount(60,000) this is the PERFECT time to decide to bail out on the vita....

bothebo1776d ago

First off that was one week after a price drop. I own a Vita, and have about 9 games. I will even admit that we need software announcements DESPERATELY at E3. If they don't announce more titles, this year could be worse than the last.

OT: I think larger developers, or well known ones shouldn't have trouble with the Vita as sale numbers indicate. People want software on the Vita, you just need to make a good enough game for me to buy it.

TongkatAli1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Journalism is killing gaming. Why would you even say that ? I'm so happy with mine play it everyday. Let it grow.

sherimae24131776d ago

i respect your opinion (author) but remember that devs specially ubisoft is supporting the vita....
and all of us here.... we dont know what and how many games are in development for the ps vita
in the west and japan so dont just assume why developers should bother with vita when you dont even know what are their plans for the platform
as of today we have a new vita game annoncement an exclusive hyperdimension neptunia game that will be release in june 20 in japan since all neptunia games are localized by nis we can also expect that this one will likely come
and malicious rebirth will also be localized ^_^

chrish19901776d ago

I've no doubt games are being made and will be for a long time, hell, I want new games as much as anybody else does!

But looking forward, once the PS4 is out and streaming games to the Vita with Remote Play, and once Gaikai has become an established factor in the PlayStation environment, I think it's at least worth a thought on the idea that Vita specific game will go in decline in favour of playing PS4 titles on the Vita.

Obviously, this is just my own personal opinion, and it should be in no way taken as fact, I was just curious as to what others thought on the topic to be honest.

sherimae24131776d ago

at chrish1990

but you should consider that there are many gamers around the globe specially in japan where handhelds are priorities rather than consoles and those who only own a vita
if vita-specific games are about to decline both sony and the vita owners wil be hurt well i think developers know this and i know sony will support the platform and 3rd parties
as of now the vita is gaining momentum in japan and thats good you will see when the media create sales for this week comes out ^_^

chrish19901776d ago

I see where you're coming from, definitely. As I say, it's not something that's fact, just something to think about, not to criticise the Vita, but more to show the possibilities in the future. Just think, if instead of buying a Vita game, you could buy a subscription to Gaikai and stream ANY PlayStation game to your Vita. What I'm trying to say is, if you had the choice between buying (just an example) a watered down, graphically inferior version of FIFA 14 made specifically for the Vita, or buying FIFA 14 from Gaikai and having the full blown experience in your hand, wouldn't you?

Again, this is just my personal thoughts, nothing is solid yet!

beakeroo11776d ago

Sensationalism piece, purely written to get hits - don't even bother reading it.

chrish19901776d ago

Wake up and smell the coffee buddy, everything is written with the aim of getting 'hits'

As a writer, I want my work seen and talked about by as many people as possible, it's all anybody who writes would want, no point in writing something if it's not going to be seen.

As for sensationalism, you need to head over to Kotaku and learn what sensationalist tabloid press is really like.

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