'Watchman' failure led to demise of 'BioShock' film, says Ken Levine

The failure of the Watchman film at the box office led to the demise of the BioShock movie, it has been suggested by Ken Levine.

Speaking at a BAFTA Q&A for BioShock Infinite attended by Digital Spy, the game's creative director explained how the studio went "cold" on backing a big-budget R-rated film.

"There was a deal in place and it was in production at Universal, and Gore Verbinski was directing it," explained Levine.

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zeal0us1984d ago

Watchman budget was 130m Box office 185m. Sure there have been movies with similar budget that went on to sell 2-3 times their budget but I wouldn't called Watchman a failure.

Movies like Red Dawn who box office didn't pass their budget would be deem as a failure, imho.

Bioshock film probably wouldn't perform well anyway. Very few video game based movies actually sells unless their target audience is aim at children(wreck it ralph).

SlavisH21984d ago

yeah it sounds like they dont know what they are talking about. There was probably bigger issues they dont want to talk about!

CommonSense1984d ago

185m boxoffice does not mean 185m profit. Theaters have to make money, too.

What's more likely? The people who do this for a living don't know what they are talking about? or you don't?

Skate-AK1984d ago

Haha I just watched Red Dawn like 3 hours ago.

Godmars2901984d ago


As far as I know, Watchmen happened years before Bioshock even existed.

Does not compute...

aliengmr1984d ago

The graphic novel was, not the movie.

MysticStrummer1984d ago

It's Watchmen, not Watchman, and I doubt it's box office performance had anything to do with a Bioshock movie not being made.

Hicken1984d ago

I seem to recall it did fairly well, and was a critical success, as well.

There IS a movie called The Watchman, but I seriously doubt that's the movie they're referring to.

kostchtchie_1984d ago

i liked Watchmen, i guess unless u make 100 million profit its all fail...

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The story is too old to be commented.