Child Runs Up £900 Bill On ‘Free’ Game

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''For last few weeks an English ‘news paper’ (I use the term news very lightly) has been running stories to do with children running up huge bills on Tablets and Smart phones. This weeks story focuses on a 6 year old girl who ran up a bill of £900 though a My Little Pony free game on the iPad. These stories are always from the point of view who someone who seemingly has never used a trail version of a game, or a free to play game with micro-transactions. This story is no different.

The bare bones of the story is that a mother let her child play on the iPad. The child clicked a ‘buy now option’ which of course resulted in the child spending her mother money. After the mother seen the £900 bill she freaked out and contacted iTunes and received a refund. The mother lashed out by saying:''

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Sameh2078d ago

First sentence repulses me. This writer needs to study the history of Journalism before spouting out stupid shit and definitely before attempting to be a journalist.

Linko642078d ago

Or could be a hobby...not everyone is trying to be something dude

GamerEuphoria2078d ago

No one is, or trying to be a journalist. The site is run by a handful of people who do it purely as a hobby. This also means editor like roles are carried out by those with little to no experience in the role. Mistakes happen.

BitbyDeath2077d ago

Good to see you are writing real stories and not top 5 lists or doom headlines.

Ontopic - Parents need to be educated on what they buy so they know the hazards and how to avoid them. Sadly most just see a new babysitter and run with it.

Think it'll get worse before it gets better.

TI_212077d ago

I think you are defending the wrong person with this article. Imho the people who are creating F2P games and aim at a very young audience are criminal. There's no two ways about it.

You are taking the easy way out by demonizing the sun and blaming the mother.

itsralf2077d ago

Mum sounds like an attention whore... Bet she made those purchases herself to get in the paper.

I can't think of any logical reason for a parent to share ANY of their passwords with their child, especially if their credit card is tied to it.

It's not like the game just says "Buy Now" and BOOM, instant $300 charge... You have to enter your password and proceed through purchase/checkout screens, where it clearly states a DOLLAR amount of the purchase and that refunds will not be given.

There's virtually no way you can "accidentally" do this.

Apple shouldn't have refunded.

r212078d ago

So thats 2 kids now that have paid too much for a free game.

Count2077d ago

It's sometimes too easy to spend money on these type of games.

They have ''click here to pay money for'' plastered all over.

r212077d ago

Kinda funny in a way. Free games are charging people more than games that you pay once only.

itsralf2077d ago

f*** microtransactions/in-app purchases and f*** EA/Gameloft/Glu Mobile

2078d ago
Bakkies2078d ago

where is daddy when you need him?

Soldierone2078d ago

This is why developers are loving "fee's to play" style games. Its not that everyone will spend 900 dollars on a game, but the ability to do it. 900 dollars for an even more half arsed game, or 60 dollars then milk with DLC? You tell people "hey its free" then they will spend money on your fee's.

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