Less than one day to Smash Bros Brawl: The future of Smash Bros.

Destructoid takes a look at a few of the multiple directions that Smash Bros. may take after Brawl. Though the series could go the Mario Party route, to continually churn out slightly tweaked version of the same game until we just burn out on it, there is also the potential for the Smash Bros. game to actually grow and evolve after Brawl. The home console games in the Metroid and Zelda series both took on drastic changes after their respective third entries, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Metroid 3: Super Metroid. The Smash Bros. franchise may do the same.

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pwnmaster30003514d ago

wen is dis coming out please some one help

TnS3514d ago

US: March 9, 2008
Japan: January 30, 2008
Europe: May 2008
Australia: TBA 2008

pwnmaster30003514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

thanks tns
omg is tommorow shiit need money

Da360sucks3514d ago

its the same old Smash Bros game
with some new fighter and new moves
and cheesy online modes

PROGnosis3514d ago

replay value, nuff said

RecSpec3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

What the hell is with that pic? Wrong on so many levels.

Turn-based would be so awesome.

jinn3514d ago

im sure 3 million ppl will be online the first day it comes out like Halo3 did. LOL

Intrepid3514d ago

I think most people will try to unlock hidden characters before going online. Downloading characters wasn't necessary in Halo.

sumfood4u3514d ago

Less than 6 hours to go!

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