Crytek to Show GFACE and Warface at GDC Expo 2013, Incoming New Tech Demo

DSOGaming writes: "Crytek has confirmed details of what they will be presenting at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco."

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topgeareasy1810d ago

they should stick to making tech demos

ATi_Elite1809d ago

Warface is pretty dam good.

over 5 million Russians are playing it along with us few Americans Staying up till 4:00 A.m. to get low Ping to enjoy it on the Russian Servers.

I actually like it and FINALLY Crytek got MP right.

topgeareasy1809d ago

I guess so but crysis seems meh

john21809d ago

Ironically, Warface is better than Crysis 3's MP (though the Hunter mode is really cool)

solid_warlord1809d ago

Im sure americans are gonna dominate russian with there low ping...the Lag compensation u Americans will receive is crazy.

It explains why there are so many Americans trying to play BF3 in European and Asian servers. The advantages are huge.

Derekvinyard131809d ago

There good devs but crysis needs a rest, personally after the 3rd one I think the formula needs to be reworked somehow, they need to make something new

MurDocINC1809d ago

They making homefront 2, I have high hopes for that.

topgeareasy1809d ago

@well no

crytek UK (free radical) is making that game not the same devs as crysis 3

john21810d ago

If only we could get a remake of Crysis with the latest version of CryEngine 3. Even as a tech demo for its first level.

soultecc1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

crytek suck, they do not have any demanding games just poorly optimized ones to make them seem as though they need alot of power.

user76939581809d ago

prove? even the xbox360 can run crysis lol

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Skate-AK1809d ago

Wonder if this tech demo will have PS4/Xbox 720 in mind.

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