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Submitted by zerocrossing 1069d ago | opinion piece

PS Vita fire sale in Sony stores could signal plans to axe 3G model

Sony is selling the 3G-equipped PS Vita for $199.97 at some of its stores, a saving of some $100 on its list price. Joystiq reports that "a majority" of Sony stores in the US are offering the deal, which also includes an 8GB memory card and free downloadable game (if you sign up to a data plan). Some store representatives told Joystiq that the deal is happening because Sony plans to discontinue the 3G model. (Industry, PS Vita, Sony)

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Xaphy  +   1069d ago
maybe because they charge too much for low quota? I have the 3G model and where I live they don't even offer any sort of ps vita contracts.
Conzul  +   1069d ago
Hopefully it's because they're going to replace it with an uptier model of some sort. 4G, other upgrades or something.
darthv72  +   1069d ago
I dont know if they would make a 4g version. If the idea is to discontinue the 3g then it is based on the usage details they have accumulated since launch.

Meaning they can tell how many units of each have been sold and from the stats provided to them from the 3g carriers as well.

If the amount of usage is low, it isnt in their best interest to continue to sell that model. They could eliminate it, and sell just the wifi model and you could still do tethering on it via bluetooth to a smartphone.
rainslacker  +   1069d ago
Probably didn't help that they locked it into the AT&T network in the US either. AT&T charges quite a bit for their data plans, and that would turn a lot of people off IMO, particularly since you can't really use the 3G for games anyways.

Vita should have been 3G/4G compatible from launch, and not locked into a carrier if they wanted that to take off on the system. They did it to themselves, and it made it so it wasn't a viable option to many who may have brought it over a tablet.
ABizzel1  +   1069d ago
A 4G LTE model would be nice, but they can't keep it stuck to AT&T or no one will use it.

On top of that it needs to be considered as a tablet, so you can add it to your current data plan for only $10 more a month, and not so outrageous price.
MasterCornholio  +   1069d ago
Sony really screwed up with the 3G model. What they should have done was allowed any sim card to work with it that way people can just use their 3G service for their phones on the Vita.

In the beginning i really wanted a 3G vita but since Sony had those stupid plans i got a Wifi one instead. To tell you the truth im pretty happy with my WiFi vita and so far i havent run into a situation where i would need a 3G vita.
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1069d ago
but i bet if you spent the extra money and got a 3g model youd find a reason to use it!
Fluke_Skywalker  +   1069d ago
I have a 3G one and tbh I can't recall having ever used the 3G for anything. It doesn't do anything over 3G anyway!
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1069d ago
you saying it dont do anything over the 3g yet im here responding to you from my vita on 3g as we speak.

then you say you cant recall having ever used the 3G, umm for starters you will have to have the 3g active so...

ppl be killing me!
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Th4Freak  +   1069d ago
@PhillipSantanaMusic Why spend $50 extra in the 3G version when you can tether (share) your phone internet connection to the PSV?
kneon  +   1069d ago
It's the carriers that decide what plans to offer
darthv72  +   1069d ago
I have the 3g version
i didnt buy it to use the 3g however. i bought it because it was the complete package unlike the wifi version.

should i desire to use 3g, its there. you cant say the same about the wifi version.

options for tethering should be possible on both due to bluetooth but you would need to have a tethering plan on your smartphone in order to use it.
Th4Freak  +   1069d ago
@darthv72 If you root your phone you can tether w/o paying a tethering plan, there are some carriers that block it too and you can bypass it as far as your phone is rooted.
rainslacker  +   1069d ago
The reason for the lock was because there is more than one standard for 3G. AT&T offered them the money to support only their standard, which in turn meant that there was no need to have a separate 3G transponder within the system itself, thus reducing the cost.

It's kind of dumb, because it pretty much locks out an entire market. Vita isn't like a smartphone where there is an alternative on another carrier for consumer choice. I personally hate AT&T with a passion, and it made my decision easy on which one to buy. On top of that 3G will not be around as long as the Vita will be, so it will make the 3G version obsolete for that reason in the future.

Funny thing about all was the only thing that was "boo'd" about during the press conference regarding this. Everything else was praised to death. That should have been a good sign to Sony right there.
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kneon  +   1069d ago

AT&T didn't have to pay Sony for them to choose their version of 3G. AT&T uses GSM like most of the rest of the world. Sony built the 3G version to work with GSM since that is the standard used almost everywhere. It just so happens that in the US the big GSM carrier is AT&T.
rainslacker  +   1069d ago

Really? You think so? Why cut out the many other carriers in the US that offer GSM services on their network then? How come any official information on using the 3G on the Vita from Sony always refers to AT&T, and not one of their affiliate companies which use their service, or any other company that uses compatible technology. Are those affiliate companies even able to work on the Vita?

Here's a list.

In Europe they didn't lock the Vita to one carrier, and there is more than one type of service available there. They partnered with Vodafone(i believe), but the choice was still there for the consumers.

I'll admit that all the other carriers of GSM may not be as big as AT&T in the US, but the fact that Sony made it so you could only use AT&T is because money changed hands. To believe otherwise is naive. The only ones that benefited from that decision were AT&T and Sony due to money that changed hands.

Edit: I will clarify that Sony's decision on not supporting CDMA is likely all on them and not because of AT&T, but the rest is because AT&T partnered with Sony to block the choice in service providers.
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Anon1974  +   1069d ago
Personally, I've never understood the appeal of the 3g model. It's not like anyone is offering specific contracts for PS Vita users. If I'm on the go and I really wanted to, I could just fire up a wi-fi hotspot on my phone and link my Vita to that, but I don't see that happening very often. Usually, I'm gaming with my Vita at home anyway and have access to my own wi-fi.

If we look at the tablet market, 9 out of 10 tablets sold are wi-fi only and that seems sufficient. It was nice of Sony to offer the option, but it just seems like a "nice to have" feature as opposed to a reason to buy a system.
Conzul  +   1069d ago
Well Sony's own upcoming Xperia Tablet Z will have two variants....Wifi 32GB and 4G 64GB.

I think that's why they're dropping the 3G - just because 4G is the new black.
Anon1974  +   1069d ago
Don't get me wrong. I'm all for consumer choice and there's no doubt there's a market for 3G/4G devices. I personally just don't think it's necessary - but I'm sure there's interested gamers out there.
Derekvinyard13  +   1069d ago
Apollosupreme  +   1069d ago
That sucks when you consider you could have got another new release for the price difference you paid for the 3G you can't use...
showtimefolks  +   1068d ago
When Sony announced the $249 price point people clapped During conference but when Sony said exclusive to AT&T booooooooooo that was classic lol

Vita has started to pick up pace and that's nice, I will pick it up with soul sacrifice

Bring down the price on those memory sticks
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zeal0us  +   1069d ago
$200 isn't a fire sale. If it was $100 or less then it would be a fire sale.
jony_dols  +   1069d ago
You want a fire sale, this is a fire sale
Kalowest  +   1069d ago
LMFAO, I love Arrested Development!!!
BigStef71  +   1069d ago
brettski  +   1068d ago
Great, now I can't get the final countdown out of my head :)
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1069d ago
Should have done it already, 3g is pointless.
nevin1  +   1069d ago
They shouldnt have limited the 3G to AT&T. If there is a 4G Vita incoming, I suggest they let people choose their own provider.
kneon  +   1069d ago
Don't blame Sony or AT&T, the fault is with Verizon and Sprint for going CDMA when most of the rest of the world went GSM. It's not worth the additional cost for Sony to make a CDMA or CMDA+GSM version.
DivineAssault  +   1069d ago
3G model was pointless.. I understand what they were trying to do but that was excessive
GreenRanger  +   1069d ago
Forget the 3G Vita.
Just use a MiFi dongle with your WiFi Vita.

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TongkatAli  +   1069d ago
Mifi ? McDonalds wifi ?
Th4Freak  +   1069d ago
Uhmm do you realize a phone can do that right?
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1069d ago
i have and love my 3G version, all that myfi stuff, i dont want TWO things in my pockets. my 3g has bern active and skype ALWAYS on as my mobile phone so all that "the 3g one is unnecessary" is incorrect because i get maximum usage out of what i buy.
Pillsbury1  +   1069d ago
Or hotspot your phone! Go go power rangerrrrrr! Hiya!
TooTall19  +   1069d ago
I took my SIM card out cause it was causing frequent freezing issues.
Hicken  +   1069d ago
Wouldn't it need to be a little more widespread than "some stores" in order to qualify for a fire sale?
a_adji  +   1069d ago
It should never have been released. It's a hand held not a phone or tablet to warrant such tech and price
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1069d ago
If it worked consistently, it'd be great for road trips. Mine is gimped I supposed.
sonerone  +   1069d ago
GPS? anyone? it's only available in 3G model? ? ? ? ? nobody? interesting nobody mention this... the base idea of the 3G model was that it has GPS? t@g??? travel bug? near? ... I mean yes, some of these works with wifi model, but not as accurate as on the 3G...
porkChop  +   1069d ago
Most people already have a phone, tablet, or actual GPS for that. That's why no one mentions the GPS ability, most people don't care about it and don't need it.

Anyway, one thing that pisses me off about the Wi-Fi Vita is that even though it doesn't have GPS I'm still forced to have Google Maps taking up a bubble on my screen. Makes no sense at all. They should have just put Google Maps in the PS Store for anyone who wants it, or at least let us uninstall it if we choose to.
chrispseuphoria  +   1069d ago
.97 means clearance. The 4G Vita could be announced soon.
Felonycarclub8  +   1069d ago
I have a 3G and rarely used it on 3G I always use it on wifi it is still a good option to have thou.
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contradictory  +   1069d ago
probably because the 3G feature is butchered
no point in it whatsoever

wanna download games?
fuck you!

wanna play online?
fuck you!

what an waste
PSjesus  +   1069d ago
it's sold out here in Houston
a_bro  +   1069d ago
the 3g version was a failure to begin with

i can tether my vita while im on a boost mobile phone on 3g, unlimited everything just for almost $70 per month because, f***k you AT&T!!!!

the reason why i bought the 3g vita last year was because it was the most complete version of the package. gps and all.. sadly i had to sell it due to financial problems at the time.

aside from that, 3g functionality on that is useless. might just go wifi only on my next run. besides, if you tether, there's no need of the gps, since you can make full use near's functionality to its fullest via gps that is supplied by the smart phone.

if sony wants to sell vitas with such functionality, then sell it without dependency with AT&T, let people decide where they take their vitas to for data plans...
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1069d ago
Only VITA regret is getting the 3G.
ninjahunter  +   1068d ago
Buy 3G Model, sell it for $250 when sale is over, sell bundled memory card for $30. Buy wifi vita For $250, buy 16gb mem card. BAM were in business

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