"You Asked For This" - The Road to SimCity is Paved with Anti-Piracy Emotional Blackmail

From GamesReviews:

"It's difficult to get an unbiased view on piracy. People who download content illegally are either thieves or are paving the way for a more consumer-friendly tomorrow; publishers are either protecting their intellectual property or are pushing honest gamers to jump through hoops in order to enjoy their purchase (often when pirates get access without any issue). Sometimes the line between the two options blurs and all the statements end up being true. This has come further into light thanks to EA's SimCity, which boasts a need for an always-on connection and which has spent its first week of release at times completely unplayable.

We've all been told that piracy is stealing, that each game pirated is a meal out of a developer's baby's mouth. Many of us have believed it. Many of us have defended it. What if we were wrong?"

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wmmn801983d ago

This is the way things looks like those days and I doubt the publishers will learn there lesson as this is not the first time that people payed the money and got product which is not fully working.

matgrowcott1983d ago

It's a difficult one. SimCity might not have worked on one level, but that's a temporary problem. On the other hand, it totally stopped it being pirated.

The lesson they've learnt from this is "get it right first time," not "DRM is bad."