Diehard GameFAN: Coaster Creator 3D Review

DHGF: Coaster Creator 3D feels like a well designed game aimed at a market that doesn’t really exist. Its design is generally aesthetically solid and the game is quite functional, offering a fairly extensive set of tools to work with and modes to play around with. The mechanics offer depth and substance and the Career mode offers plenty of challenge, while the Sandbox mode offers the player a lot of tools to customize the roller coaster of their dreams. However, this is a ten dollar game that allows you to… make roller coasters, and that’s about it. The game is aimed at an extremely niche audience, as it allows you to do one specific thing, gives you a lot of detailed but unintuitive tools to do so, offers a tutorial that explains to you very little about how the game works, and basically makes itself hard to recommend to anyone who isn’t a diehard roller coaster fan. It’s not that Coaster Creator 3D is bad so much as it’s aimed at an incredibly specific, narrow niche market, and while that market might exist, and will have fun with the game if it does… the game is otherwise completely impenetrable to the vast majority of… well, everyone.

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