Dreamcast registration request crashes Sega's site

Sega's <a href="" target="_new">site</A> has been crashed by a request to register Dreamcast consoles by Sega, VG247 reports.

All you see when you hit the link at that page is, "Due the high volume of account requests, the service will be temporally suspended."

If you successfully navigate beyond the opening page, Sega asks you to register your console to activate your account.

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permutated3426d ago


Am I the only one who doesn't understand what this article is saying?

Ri0tSquad3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Nope, I'm lost.


Not anymore. Apparently Sega wanted to know who still owned a Dreamcast and they got more people then they anticipated which lead to it crashing.

Presentist3425d ago

Lol, bubbles to you.

Made me giggle.

Electronic Arts3425d ago

So a guy tried to register a dead console on a site that was still alive and it crashed? correct?

pwnsause3425d ago

you cant kill it SEGA!!!!

The Fungus3425d ago

I wonder why they would want to know how many people still own a dreamcast? Companies don't usually waste time or resources just because they are curious, so there HAS to be a reason.

I'm going to go ahead and get my hopes unacceptably and unreasonably high for Dreamcast 2. Why else would they want to know? Dreamcast 1 had a great start and was a great machine that was met with misfortune/bad luck. Sega didn't really mess up with the hardware of the dreamcast at all(unlike the 32x/saturn).

I'm guessing they are getting 'good' results. Maybe since they've had so much traffic as to crash their server they'll give a green light for development.

p.s. I still have two DC's :P

The Fungus3425d ago

Yeah, I guess anything is possible. That'd be pretty ridiculous though.

Danja3425d ago

im pretty not that many ppl had registered yeah SEGA build false hype Dreamcast is Dead now start making some Great games....

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The story is too old to be commented.