Have the Big Three Learned from Saturn's Mistake?

Which will be the next forgotten console? Steve Kent holds Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft up to the Sega Saturn -- read on.

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Harry1903936d ago

was written a while back.c'est a prendre avec des pincettes.
la ps3,comme ses grandes soeurs,emprunte les chemins de la gloire.
cela se fera tot ou tard.quant-a la 360,bof bof,pas grand chose a dire.
la wii:on n'aura jamais vu une console aussi merdique.lews gens qui
achetent ce produit sous-develope doivent avoir un manque dans leur vie,ou sont toout simplement trop con.

MUNKYPOO3936d ago

i agree. reading this article seems like it was written last year

BloodySinner3936d ago

You're comment should be deleted, but considering the mods apparently do not speak French, they'll never understand what you just said.

Cryos3935d ago

I don't quite get this article.....

All it does is say
"PS3 is sorta like the saturn, but not quite"
"360 has some similarities to the saturn, but there are differences"
"the Wii is selling well, but I don't like it"

Then it concludes saying it was written at the end of 2007, and there are no games for the PS3, and that that still holds true now?

How stupid. This guy would have been better off using his time to re-organize his sock drawer.

Harry1903935d ago

yeah i have to agree with you.but what i
said was not so should have been in the open zone was kind of a test,to see whether anyone would understand.
mods,my previous comment should be deleted,but you should consider
taking french courses or find someone who can actually understand
what is written,you never know what can happen.sur ce,je retire tout ce que j'ai dit sur les proprietaires de la wii.elle n'est pas si mal apres tout.ce sont les jeux et non les consoles qui font notre plaisir,quoique l'esprit ne sert qu'a peu de choses sans le corps.

BloodySinner3934d ago

Mon premier langue est le Français.

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Expy3936d ago

Well, another fanboy article. Pretty much a "tunnel-vision" look at things. Fails to see the big picture.

Lifendz3936d ago

and it was great at 2D games. Who would've thought that 2D wouldn't continue to dominate like it did in SNES and Genesis days? Then PS came out and it all changed. Wipeout, Tekken, and Warhawk were all amazing at the time. And then FFVII came and it was over.

I still enjoyed some 2D fighting games and a little number called Guardian Heroes on my Saturn, but my PS became my love.

Not sure if any of the current consoles would suffer the same fate as Sega. Between Sega CD, 32X, and then Saturn it was like a new console every 6 months (hyperbole of course).

PirateThom3936d ago

What? Dropping support of a console to quickly rush another to market?

name3936d ago

The dreamcast was the next sega saturn.

PirateThom3936d ago

The only difference was that the Dreamcast actually had good games. It was just gimped because Sega lost the consumer's trust.

Skerj3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

And it was easier to program for, probably Saturn's biggest flaw. Sega didn't initially intend on the Saturn being a 3d system so much as a 2d powerhouse and when they saw the PS1 they threw some half assed 3d tech in. A lot of 3d Saturn games were ugly back then when they were new, but quite a few of them were damn fun like Panzer Dragoon Saga.

meepmoopmeep3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

ALL 3 companies will be well and alive. At least i hope so.

Ice2ms3936d ago

Lol How Did You Get A Disagree ? Did Everyone In Nintendo Die While i Was In The Toilet ? Have Some Bubbles for your troubles !

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