Official PlayStation Magazine UK April scores preview

Official PlayStation Magazine UK issue #82 will be available later this week. Handy presents a full scores and features preview so you know exactly what page you want to read first when it hits the shelves. The big news of course is the PlayStation 4 with the DualShock 4 dominating the cover and a massive 12 page feature Next-Gen Starts Now that looks at all aspects of the reveal. There is look at Destiny, the first time Bungie game has been featured in the magazine this generation, and review scores of all the latest games including Tomb Raider, God of War Ascension and the PS3 port of Crysis 3.

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J0Scorpionake1807d ago

March as been a very good month full of great games, I personally can't wait to play Tomb Raider or God of War.

r211807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Release date? Do they mean specific release dates :O I hope its some new PS4 news, not info we've known for a while.

Walker1807d ago

Nope, you should wait until E3 2013 !

r211807d ago

I know I should wait but i dont want to :P


or gamescom in aug for EU and uk


the release date? has any one read the mag yet? and tell us what it means could it mean UK will get it in Q4 2013?

Thantalas1807d ago

No release date listed in the magazine - just the announce dates of all the home PlayStation consoles. OPM UK must be trolling!

CRASHBASHUK1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

how can u when it says it be out next week?
also looked on iTunes and google play both have the killzone cover issue 81

Mr Pumblechook1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Hi CrashBashUK

You asked how some people know its because of advanced print copies. Look at the cover image - its a photo not a scan. iTunes and Google Play whilst they are improving are not day and date with the print issues.

The PS4 article starts on p58. The info boxes of the PS1,PS2, PS3 and PS4 announced dates are on p63.

I understand that you may find it hard to believe random strangers over the internet BUT OPM UK #82 DOES NOT HAVE THE PLAYSTATION 4 RELEASE DATES.
Trust me the OPM UK team don't know the release date of the PS4 because Sony have yet to finalise the specifics yet- its far too early.

But I am hopeful it will be released in the UK and other key European territories before Christmas! :)