1.92GB Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch live

Eurogamer: A Schwarzenegger-sized Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch - 1.92GB - has appeared on Xbox Live.

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xPhearR3dx1778d ago

It's for End Game. They always do that, even if you don't plan on purchasing the DLC. Really annoying. Then again, at this stage of the game, if you still play, you'll probably buy the DLC anyway.

zeal0us1778d ago

Thats what she said

All jokes aside 1.9gb is pretty big just for a patch.

Hellsvacancy1778d ago

Its bs man, its the same on the PS3, admittedly Im plannin on buyin the dlc but thats besides the point, if your a BF3 owner that doesnt want the dlc you shoulnt have to download it, all you pay for is kb file that unlocks the content

Its terrible the way gaming has gone

TI_211778d ago

Actually they don't. The problem with BF3 Patches seems to be that they have to put everything they patched before into the same patch. At least on PS3 when the game asks you to patch it, when you deleted all other Patches, it only downloads the most recent one and that's it.
The Maps have to be downloaded separately.

Mocat1778d ago

Glad i stopped playing this game.

Adrieono1778d ago

Because you don't like playing good games? Oh... continue.

Mocat1778d ago

No because of,

- Private servers
- Too much dlc
- Getting kicked by admin
- Being better than people, game got boring, but then again i played on xbox and was playing bf3 since release
- community full of cry babies, that was back when i played it a while ago

But i'm just gonna sum everything up and say that BF2 is a better game and BF3 is a kids game.
hell i would go back to BC2 any time of the week.

venom061778d ago

wow.. so this guy stopped playing because of "too much DLC" and private servers, even though there's TON of official DICE EA servers? what a maroon... sucks for you bro. The game is still fun and END GAME will make it just that much better....

brettyd1778d ago

@mocat, your list of reasons is hilarious...thanks for the laughs.

Perjoss1778d ago

"Being better than people, game got boring"

Mocat wanna swap places? I'm shit at online games and this makes them not much fun for me :)

N0S3LFESTEEM1778d ago

I stopped playing it for a bit too... only because I thunder raged so hard I put my cock through a wall.

FragMnTagM1778d ago


You made me spit my drink out from laughing so hard.

Been there, but not mad enough to rage cock.

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zAlchemist1778d ago

End Game better be good or else........

brettyd1778d ago

Its good, been playing on ps3. Much better than aftermath.

gamernova1778d ago

Oh damn! That is a lot for a patch. Not even indie games are that big haha

Detoxx1778d ago

It's worth it guys, End Game is epic

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The story is too old to be commented.
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