Blizzard is excited about the prospect of bringing a next-gen World Of Warcraft to the PS4

Blizzard's lead systems designer Greg Street had this to say about a potential next-gen World Of Warcraft.

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Makasu1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I can see Blizzard making a Skylanders clone with collectible WoW-figurines for next-gen.

thorstein1598d ago

And why not? That would be retail gold!

Septic1598d ago

If a new World of Warcraft was actually announced in the reveal as opposed to Diablo 3, I think the Earth would have stopped rotating.

XabiDaChosenOne1598d ago

World of war craft on the ps4? *faints

MysticStrummer1598d ago

I thought WoW was gonna be the game announced at the PS4 reveal, not Diablo 3. I'd rather see another console Everquest, but WoW would be cool too. I've got so many ideas for a new console EQ... *daydreams*

Evil_Ghosty1598d ago

Yes!!! I have very fond memories of EQOA on PS2. I remember years ago of murmurs of Everquest 2 on PS3 but it never happened :(

thorstein1598d ago

Evercrack... even the name gives me shivers. I don't think I will every truly be free of that addiction. The DTs were the worst!

MikeMyers1598d ago

I'd like to see more MMO games come to consoles and Sony seems to be more open to these types of games.

Fishermenofwar1597d ago

They can't do this to me...I have a wife and kids...


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FlameHawk1598d ago

More games the more merrier.

llMurcielagoll1598d ago

Well, that is another game I won't be RE-BUYING on the PS4. I really hope Blizz comes up with a Brand new IP for the PS4 and it is probably highly unlikely anytime soon tho.

kostchtchie_1598d ago

could possibly be there titan project that could be on ps4

papashango1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Don't put too much stock in titan. They already c said it was gonna be a casual more social experience. IMO the next gen mmo depends heavily on how occulus rift does

Evil_Ryu1598d ago

i rather them bring Starcraft 2 to next gen consoles

hazardman1598d ago

Yes starcraft 2 would be awesome.

NateCole1598d ago

Or get a PC and play them now like i am.

-MD-1598d ago

Starcraft 2 on consoles would be laughable.

Roccetarius1598d ago

Unless everyone has a keyboard and mouse, i can't see it happening.

Panthers1598d ago

Not the way SC is played. I cant see anything less than a Keyboard & Mouse working.

Unless they create a league lower than Bronze.

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The story is too old to be commented.