The Hardcore Horror Flick That Turns Up In Tomb Raider

Kotaku - Tomb Raider wears its cinematic aspirations on its grimy, blood-soaked sleeve. In the mode of Uncharted, this is a game that very much wants to be a movie—its 'camera' is a constant companion, never missing the opportunity for a close-in tension shot or a jumbled, handheld action sequence. As Lara Croft runs through the rain and engages in Croftian derring-do, you can feel the invisible cameraman's loping stride as he follows behind.

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WolfLeBlack1987d ago

I couldn't say it ever goes into the realm of full horror, but Tomb Raider, in my view, creates more atmosphere and tension that most films manage these days. The key to a good horror film is the atmosphere, and that sense that something is going to happen, but you just don't know when - tension.

There were quite a few moments in Tomb Raider when I was crawling through blood and bits of bodies, or sneaking through a stormy night where I felt tense. It does creepier better than horror films :P