Why the PlayStation 4 Will Win the Next Gen Race

Vgamerz writes: "The announcement of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 finally became a reality and, as anticipated, it sparked endless debates over the internet about anything and everything related to the console and the announcement itself and the waters are still not calm right now. And probably won’t be for a long while, but I think they cooled down enough to let us think about the bigger picture: what are the chances of the PS4 to win the next-gen race? Pretty big, I’d say and there’s just one reason why!"

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TheLyonKing1981d ago

I can't make any assumptions until E3 I reckon where we will get good comparisons.

However I make not bones about it that I am primarly a Sony guy when it comes to my console of choice and so I am a bit biast, however Sony does show that thy are here for gamers first and other functionality second without skipping on quality. My bets will be that Microsoft will say they are primarily games but give it at year and the focus will shift to multimedia functionality/ entertainment.

For that reason I believe Sony will win.

falcon791981d ago

I just think what Sony showed was ps3 1.5 if that not very impressive ????

I think Nintendo will show.

Concept GP
Mach rider reboot
Zelda wiiu
Eternal darkness 2
Metroid prime 4
Mariokart wiiu
WiiU sports
Project offset is the exclusive ign says will prove alot worse than Beyonetta2.

thebigman1981d ago

The ps3 1.5? Please go home. I buy Nintendo for the first party games but I'm not delusional in thinking that their console will compete with the PS4

falcon791981d ago

Of course it will compete are you stupid,what games will ps4 have that make it so special ??? its the bluray and on board hard drive that make it expensive not the gpu ??? and defo not the moderate 8 core cpu with slightly upgraded atom cores ?

SDF Repellent1981d ago

It is going to be a close race between the PS4 and Next box. PS4 has Japan and Xbox Next has America and Europe is kind of in the middle with PS4 probably have a slight advantage.

I live in the US, so I will most likely buy the next xbox first and wait for a price drop on the PS4 and the next Uncharted and GOW before getting one.

Can't wait for the announcements for next gen!

Jaqen_Hghar1981d ago

so a user simply goes with what's more popular in his region? A man lives in the US but will go PS4 and cannot see Sony going anywhere but up after how the PS3 launch was handled.

SDF Repellent1981d ago

Hey, I am doing my part to support the American economy just like the Japanese are doing the same over in their country. I am showing patriotism, is there anything wrong with that?

DragonKnight1981d ago

LOL, did you just say you're being patriotic by buying the next Xbox? Wow, so I guess that means you don't care about the quality of games, continuing to pay for what everyone else gets for free, and increasingly anti-consumer habits right? As long as it's American, you'll sheepishly fork over whatever money it asks of you? 'MURIKA!

first1NFANTRY1981d ago

That's a very close minded way of putting it. So your reason for buying the next box is because you live in the US and its manufactured by and American company? wow dude, talk about corporate patriotism.

Now I see why the 360 did so well in the US lol. You people just want a reason to scream victory. The Japanese make better hardware and technology than the US. The PS4 will be no exception I'm sure.

As for me I live in AUS and from past experiences Sony has always catered to my gaming needs since the first PS1. This will be the reason I get a PS4 at launch.

Muerte24941981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Xboxs aren't even manufactured in America. Neither are Iphones. Also the author of the article failed to mention that the 70 million wikipedia source has "as of September 30th, 2012" next to it. He used Sony numbers from September 2012 and Microsoft's numbers from late January 2013. I'm sure Sony will bring up the numbers at this year's E3. Sony will win because of their 1st and 2nd party studios. This is what drove the ps3's success. Anything on top of that is just icing on the cake.

PS. also Europe is nowhere in the middle. PS3 overtook Xbox 360 by April 2011.
Microsoft launched 360 1yr and 4 months ahead of PS3. Europe is the reason why even with America, PS3 still managed to outsell it worldwide. People need to stop confusing UK with the entirety of EU.

kamikazepikmin1981d ago

i like how you conveniently left out the wii u, you arrogant douchebag. screw you!

Welcome2Die1981d ago

LOL SDF Repellent!!!

Patriotic huh? How about this. Go around your house and throw away EVERYTHING that is made in China and never ever buy any more Chinese products and then talk to me about being patriotic.

I bet you anything that about 90% of the products in your house are Chinese and dont even know it.
Buying an Xbox isnt going to cure our terrible economy created by the idiot politicians.

1upgamer991981d ago

Nextbox is not even on my radar...Even my friends who have 360 and PS3 are saying they want PS4 they are not saying much at all about Nextbox.

falcon791979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Here read these rumours from IGN,for Orbis,Durango,WiiU,scroll down for the 4 paragraphs on each console and a last paragraph on 3rd partys.

It's from a developer that knows the power of all 3 and he suggests ps4 will be a little more powerful than wiiu,so if the 720 is less powerful than ps4 then wiiu and 720 will be about equal in terms of performance and benchmarks ect.

But remember ps4 is only a little more powerful ? not worth a premium price maybe $50 more than wiiu going off it only being a small difference.

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Max-Zorin1981d ago

The only ones that will be winning are the ones that will simply be gaming and not bragging about sales harder than the employees, shareholders, etc

Jadedz1981d ago

A lot of people are interested in the PS4, though it's mostly the core crowd. The mainstream audience (casuals) will determine the victor of next-gen.

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