The Power Of Nostalgia

Plus XP contributor Travis writes "I know I’m not the only one who has gone onto Google (other search engines are available) and searched ‘best Xbox 360 games’ or something to that effect. I’m not sure whether I do this because I want to search out my own favourites, have a rant about what other people put, or simply because I’m curious. Either way, I’ve yet to find a top ten ‘best of’ anything which didn’t include at least one entry released prior to 1999.

The most recent article I read after such a search was listing the top ten consoles of all time. At number one was – cue drumroll – the NES, a Nintendo console originally released in Europe in 1986. Now, this console, an 8-bit wonder with A and B button controllers and games which looked like an explosion of pixels, was considered better than any other… ever. I’ve played the NES once in my life and didn’t think it was anything special, to be honest. So why did it get placed on such a pedestal as ‘Best Console Ever’? Well, anyo...

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darthv721899d ago

never gets old. There will always be a place in every gamer's heart for retro classics.

They may not be the same retro classics as time goes by but they will be classics none the less.

LackTrue4K1899d ago

that controller has soooooo much of my life on it.
they should develop a Bluetooth one, to use and make it run on android! :D

thorstein1899d ago

I still play games from that era. There is nothing wrong with amazing games that were based on gameplay. Today, all everyone wants are graphics. I still love the Dragon Warrior (D Quest now) games. And no, nostalgia has not changed how I view those games. Super Mario Bros....? How can anyone not think the NES was not the best console ever. Hell, do we even have consoles without it?

1898d ago
brettski1898d ago

Best Consoles IMO (don't hate, I never had a PS2 or any Xbox)

2. PS1
3. N64
4. PS3
5. NES