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Let Disney know you want Star Wars First Assault

The project Star Wars First Assault is "step zero" to the heavily-rumored, highly-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront III. If First Assault sells well—assuming it is released at all—the third Battlefront could be next.

For now, our source says, the only way to get games like First Assault out of carbonite might be for Star Wars fans to speak up. The community has made a dedicated Facebook page and asks everyone who wants this game to like it.

LucasArts source: "Fans should tell Disney/Lucas loud and clear they don't want shitty titles from random developers; they want games to be taken seriously, and they will only pay for quality. I believe that if Disney/Lucas lets LucasArts die, it means the death of Star Wars as a storied game franchise is right behind it." (LucasArts, PS3, Star Wars: First Assault, Xbox 360)

Nodoze  +   871d ago
Personally I think Disney NEEDS to let Lucasarts die. They are worthless as a developer. The titles they produce are shoddy and bug ridden, and they don't even make the games that the fans have been asking for.

I mean it does not take a genius to figure out that a new Battlefront would PRINT MONEY. Instead we get Force Unleashed.

Disney needs to create a new studio focused on Lucas licenses that really know how to develop a game and will give the subject matter the appropriate attention.

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