SimCity in Crisis: DRM, Review Scores, and More Publisher Apologizing

SimCity’s week of troubles is almost over, however this always-on DRM debacle reiterates the terrible nature of forcing players to play a game, specifically for what should be a single-player game.

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Th4Freak1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Wow these guys really take us as fools or something they think that apologize about the server stability is going to make customer forget how they refused to refund the game, banned users from the forums and threatens account ban in case of try to take any legal actions.

This is something serious if we let this pass the next step will be to sell us incomplete games or something worst and we wont be able to do sh*t.

We pay their houses, cars, food and this is how they treat us? Seriosly I have no words to describe how pissed I am...