Why I’m more interested in the next Xbox

Microsoft's entertainment focus for its next home console is more appealing than it seems. This blogger tries to make sense of Microsoft's hope to dominate home entertainment.

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ShugaCane1619d ago

"I used my 360 more for entertainment than I do gaming"

So, gaming is not entertainment ?

Why o why1619d ago

...and whats wrong with wanting something for entertainment. ...nothing

Ult iMate1619d ago

On a gaming console? Which main feature is, you know, gaming?

Why o why1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

im a gamer first and formost but I know people who purchased a ps3 because it was the cheapest blu ray player available for a long time. Nowhere did I say it should be MS' s focus or sonys main focu.

I use my ps3 for games and my xbox for its few exclusives but mainly for sky player as that service is exclusive to the 360 here in in-ger-land.

LackTrue4K1619d ago Show
MikeMyers1619d ago

What do you think Microsoft does with all of that data?

Ask yourself, how much time do people spend on their iphones actually talking to people? People buy smartphones because they do so much more and gamers who used to buy dedicated devices just for gaming also want more out of their consoles.

I am part of the minority who buys a console mainly for the games but at the same time I don't ignore the trends out there.

camel_toad1619d ago

I'd honestly play a great game over a great movie/show any day. Gaming is my entertainment priority.

PeaSFor1619d ago

"Why I’m more interested in the next Xbox"

...and again, why should we care about a random dude and his blog?

Ares84HU1619d ago

"Why I'm more interested in the next xbox."

Because you are a xbox fanboy and you feel the need for the whole world to know it. We know nothing about the next Xbox. At this point you could say that you are cuorious what it will bring but after seeing what the PS4 will bring, you should be more interested in that at this point. After MS shows off the next xbox and they blow everyone away just like sony did than this might be a valid opinion. At this point you just sound like a desperate MS fanboy who can't deal with the fact that Sony showed us a ton of amazing stuff at the PS4 reveal. More than people were expecting.

creatchee1619d ago

@Ult iMate

"On a gaming console? Which main feature is, you know, gaming?"

I browse the web and use apps on my iPod Touch more than I listen to music on it. People use their phones for texting and Facebook more than they actually make phone calls. And I use my game consoles for movies, music, web browsing, TV, and other stuff besides games.

Just because something has a "main function" doesn't mean that the "secondary" ones can't be used and enjoyed just as much or even more.

Godmars2901619d ago

Having to pay extra to access it for one. Not knowing exactly what all its going to offer before jumping all in is another.

No one officially knows what the NextBox is going to offer yet. And if what is rumored is true, then BR if not DVDs wont be playable on it.

JoGam1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Maybe XBOX should be describe as a cable box that plays games.

honkayjeezus1619d ago

If you want a gaming console, you probably want gaming to be forefront.

Otherwise you are paying for a subscription just to use the entertainment that can be streamed free elsewhere.

Or, you can just use every other device in your house for it.

TheSurg1619d ago

@ Ares84HU

Please do not talk about fanboism. All I needed to do is check your comment history. Your comments wll become relevant when you will be a real gamer. Now go to bed with your sony poster.

MysticStrummer1619d ago

It's not wrong exactly, but it is amusing to see this kind of talk from MS and their fans now. PS3's extra entertainment capabilities were derided for awhile, until 360 got some of those same functions, then suddenly they were desirable and cool. That went along well with N4G's 360 fans switching from the "PS3 has no exclusives" shtick to the "exclusives aren't important" shtick. People are funny.

Eventually someone here will probably claim MS originated the idea of a multimedia console, just like Kinect had nothing similar to evolve from according to some people.

ALLWRONG1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Apparently and according to the PS fanboys above "PS3 is never used for entertainment and only used for gaming and the Xbox is only a casual console for movies and TV".

In the real world, Netflix and Blu-ray are the most used features on the PS3. In fact, in reality, PS3 users watch more and play less than Xbox users. Also that "great core machine" the PS3 hasn't had any real core games in over a year.

moparful991619d ago

@ALLWRONG Do you have any proof or statistics that back up your claim that ps3 users use their console for blu/rays and netflix more? Don't make statements like that if you don't have any proof..

darthv721619d ago

I am interested in both the ps4 and next xbox because i like hardware and games and i have a wii-u and just want to have the next iterations of the ps and xbox in my collection.

No fanboyish comments or disrespectful derogatory allegations.

just pure honest excitement for what is to come.

ALLWRONG1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )


I'm sure you guys will ignore and deny that link the same way you deny the existence of the PS4 Kinect rip off device.

MrBeatdown1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )


"In the real world, Netflix and Blu-ray are the most used features on the PS3. In fact, in reality, PS3 users watch more and play less than Xbox users. Also that "great core machine" the PS3 hasn't had any real core games in over a year."

I swear, at this point, between your name and your posts, I'm beginning to think you use your account as one big troll attempt. There's no way someone can believe the nonsense you come up with.

I mean... you actually think more PS3 Netflix usage instantly proves PS3 sees less gameplay time, as opposed to, oh I don't know... less TV time for PS3 owners?

And "the PS3 hasn't had any real core games in over a year"? I know a few people like you like to pretend stuff like AllStars, LBP, and Sly Cooper aren't for the core based purely on it's cartoonish style, even though everything from Crash Bandicoot to Mario Kart to Banjo-Kazooie has never been considered anything less than core... but ignoring stuff like Starhawk and Twisted Metal? That's a whole new level of deluded fanboyism.

BattleAxe1618d ago

The author is the target audience for Microsoft., an audience that thinks of video games as secondary entertainment.

Play B3yond

potedude1618d ago

This 'extra entertainment' isn't just limited to the nextbox. The PS4 will be an entertainment hub also.

But I think it won't be the main focus of the PS4, it will be just as capable (without the kinect which we can all do without) instead it will be present but Sony don't have to shout about it.

Currently I can do all that stuff on the PS3 anyways.

loulou1618d ago

so, when someone is more interested in xbox they are fanboys, but when the same blogs say the same thing about playstation it is ok???

lol what a joke this site and it's fanboys are. i have never seen a site more stricken with the worst type of fanboys than n4g

moparful991617d ago

@ALLWRONG So a statemet by a Netflix employee claiming that more of their usage comes from PS3 users means that they automatically play less games? Why can't ps3 users do both? I certainly do.. I spent 4 hours plaing God of War earlier today and will watch some netflix before bed... So again you are making baseless claims with no real proof to support them..

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Ult iMate1619d ago

So every kind entertainment is gaming?

Christopher1619d ago

Logic fail?

Entertainment covers a broad spectrum of activities, from tv and movies to gaming, sports, theater, and concerts.

You essentially took the logic that since humans are animals, all animals must be humans. Doesn't work that way.

Ult iMate1619d ago

Logic failed in the very first comment. The one from KarmicDemon. Gaming IS entertainment. BUT gaming is not the only kind of entertainment. AND the gaming console should focus mainly on gaming side of entertainment in the first place.

Jockamo1619d ago

cgoodno are you really not picking up on the point he was trying to make? :/

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x5exotic1619d ago

Why I don't care about what console you're interested in:

I don't care.


kneon1619d ago

or a Boxee, Apple TV, Google TV, WD TV media box etc, Even most bluray players and smart Tv's offer access to pretty much the same set of services.

I really don't need Netflix on every device connected to my TV, especially when the TV already has it.

Aceman181619d ago

Unless Microsoft shows me something other than the unless apps, kinect, and the same 4 main franchises they have; plus not charging to play online the 360 is the last product i'll ever purchase from them.

3rd party games i can always play for free on playstation like I've always done with friends.

so M$ if you want my $$$$$ for this new coming generation you'll have to show me why i should spend my $$$$$ on your product as Im not easily brainwashed by advertising like some people.

Minato-Namikaze1619d ago

Simple I want a games console that does other things and not the other way around. My PS3 is used 90% for gaming and 10% for other things. I enjoy the other features when i use them but 1st and foremost gaming is what the console and company needs to be focused on when it comes to these devices.

TopDudeMan1619d ago

I think they meant other forms of entertainment.