God of War Ascension Proves How Sony is Still Well and Alive

Kratos is back in God of War Ascension and promises to offer plenty of intense moments, complete with iconic boss battles, gorgeous locations, and even a new multiplayer component to keep you happy after its single player campaign.

God of War Ascension is a prequel, taking players back to the roots of Kratos and how he changed from man to basically the Hulk, except with the green skin of course. The game shows why the Playstation 3 is still a stellar console, showcasing graphics that are comparable to next generation visuals. Its visuals like these that truly enhance the entire experience and prove that, yes, graphics do matter. It reminds us of just what’s over the horizon with next generation hardware, which is expected to look ten times better than what you see here.

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bourg1983d ago

"Proves How Sony is Still Well and Alive"

Yes, right along with the fact that Sony's PS3 has been the top selling console in the world for the past three years...

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Hicken1983d ago

I, too, noticed how the title implied some thought Sony was dead and unwell.

Many HOPE that, for some odd reason. But I don't think they BELIEVE.

Kinda hard to, all things considered.

KnightRobby1982d ago

I think it's going to be a very tight console race this time around. Sony does have a good game plan and we will see if they have something up their sleeve at E3 2013...

iGamerZero241982d ago

No No No you can't Say Sony is the top selling console around the world on N4G the Xbox only guys will say America is only the world the world cares about and that's that's ! LOL

Skips1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Psssh, just wait till we see what SSM are cooking up for PS4.

New IP mothaaaaafuuuu*********!