Has the Wii U let Down Gamers and Retailers With a Lack of Titles Worth Owning and Playing

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has written an opinion piece that asks if Nintendo has let down retailers and gamers by not having enough good quality games for the Wii U. He cites a lack of must own titles beyond the initial launch titles and a need for more titles that push the technology of the console.

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arbitor3651986d ago

if all the good games arent coming until the holidays of 2013, what was the point of launching in 2012?

this was a rushed job. we can see it in both software and hardware

bourg1986d ago

"this was a rushed job. we can see it in both software and hardware"

One has to wonder what the hell Nintendo was doing for the past three to four years. The Wii started faltering in sales about three years ago and the PS3 took over the worldwide lead in hardware sales and has been ever since.

Yet Nintendo has acted like they just noticed this recently and rushed the Wii U out the door without much planning.

The Wii U is incredibly fun. Just not "I must have it now" like the first Wii.

gamefiles1986d ago

lol. wiiU has sold more units than ps3 and 360 did when they first launched. more money for nintendo. thats why lol

DarkBlood1986d ago

i wasnt let down but i still only own 3 titles since launch and some i do want are far stretch out

but i dont exactly expect AAA titles to come out one month after the other in a roll either

TheLyonKing1986d ago

In one word yes but it makes it seem like the wii u is at the end if a generation! It's got a long way to go but I do think Nintendo are playing catch up a d that's just with the ps3 and 360.

A lot of Nintendo fans will disagree but pack attack, pachter talked about the Nintendo business model and how flawed it is. He knows his stuff wether you want to believe it or not. Nintendo need to start pulling their finger out cause even though they are no where near low on money they arnt providing a successful system.

axisofweevils1986d ago

By the end of this month, the drought will be over.
Lego City, Mon Hun 3 Ultimate, Need For Speed U - all coming out.

Picture_Dancer1984d ago

Lego City - avarage game with 74 on metacritics
MON H3 - conversion from old 3DS game
NFS-U - old multiplatform game

gpturbo811986d ago

do articles like this show the overall lack of originality and creativity in writing today? yup

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The story is too old to be commented.