Two Broken Game Systems, Eight Months to Go. What Should I Do?

Common Man Tech: Well, it’s finally happened (again x4).

My fourth XBox360 has given up the ghost after five years of service, and Red Ring Of Death’ed (RROD’ed) itself into the fires of oblivion. And yes, this really is my fourth 360. Quick history:

My launch console (purchased in December 2005) RROD’ed after three-ish months. I purchased it from Wal Mart, so I took the broken console back to them. Keep in mind, this was 2006, before WM started refusing to take a red ringed XBox’s back (because they got crushed with broken 360′s).

Life was simpler then…

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xHeavYx1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

My 5 year old PS3 is working as good as ever (I play 20+ hours a week), not sure why people go through so many X-Box knowing the RROD issue

ALLWRONG1951d ago

That's because in the "real world" RROD was fixed in like 2007. This is 2013.

Are you the Sony fanboy who wrote and submitted this?

xHeavYx1951d ago

@ALLWRONG First of all, it's very funny that you, of all people, call me a fanboy. A quick look through your comment history shows things like "Fear made Sony announce the PS4 early with just specs and a handful of CGI trailers". I'm sure you cry a little inside every time Sony announces new games, IPs, free games and such. Second, no, I did not wrote or submitted this. I forgive you though, playing so much FPS (the only thing X-bots seem to play) may have lowered your IQ, I can tell because you are not able to differentiate my nickname from the person who submitted this. Go back to your parent's basement and keep paying to play online

aLucidMind1951d ago

RRoD has to be a user-caused issue nowadays; I had my first XBox on release for four years and the only reason it RRod-ed was due to a power surge that went through my neighborhood. My replacement one has never had so much as a hiccup and neither did the one that was fried prior to the power surge (which also fried my 60GB fat PS3 as well >_<). The only time anyone I knew got the RRoD was when they kept it in a tightly enclosed space where it was very easy for it to overheat due to lack of breathing room.

SatanSki1951d ago

Lost one xbox to rrod and one ps3 to ylod. I think people who had multiple failed systems are extremely unlucky or too stupid to take care of hardware properly.

memots1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Somehow they keep saying the failure rate is around 30% but i think its way more than that , I know personally 2 people that had at least 3 360. and i know someone who bought himself 5 or more.

I only ever had one and its still runs fine ( i hope ) but i have not used it very often in the last 2 years ( maybe twice ) ( i had a YlOD and fixed it myself and it still running )

kreate1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

'That's because in the "real world" RROD was fixed in like 2007. This is 2013.'

Didnt game informer had a article of xbox's Rrod/e74 etc issues standing at 54% failure rate in like.. 2010?

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ATi_Elite1951d ago

4 Xbox 360's? That's Crazy and now you got a broken PS3!

May I suggest Building yourself a Gaming PC.

That will GREATLY hold you over until they work out all the Defects of the upcoming PS4 (if it has any) and actually Last you almost forever.

and if your really PC savvy it will provide you with a PS3 Emulator as well.

Intentions1953d ago

How can people go through multiple consoles? I still have my launch consoles. :O

whoyouwit041952d ago

Thats because they are a bunch of liars, even if your xbox did break there is a thing called a warranty, so why would you buy multiple consoles unless you are a dumb ass, I here people say they don't want to wait to get there Xbox back so that's why buy a new one, Really? If you can't go 2 weeks with out gaming then in my honest to god opinion you have no life, Not to mention you are wasting money when you can get it fixed for free.

BlueTemplar1951d ago

"Thats because they are a bunch of liars"

Really? I've had five die on me. One on the very day Gears of War came out. If some people still have their launch consoles thats great, but please dont call those of us who have been less fortunate liars.

Evil-snuggles1951d ago

3 XBOX for me I purchase my first system at launch 2005 I barely played the second Xbox or the third the XBOX when I got my PS3 I put my XBOX on the show my XBOX 1 still runs perfectly XBOX 360 is a poorly designed console system

XB1_PS41951d ago

You're somewhat right, and you somewhat completely wrong. Warranties only last a certain time. I had my launch box break within a month, I got a new one free from bestbuy. That one broke within a year, I sent it to xbox to be fixed. eventually that broke and I had to buy a used one. After that broke I purchased a slim on day 1 and I haven't had a problem since.

Eddie201011951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Not lyers, not stupid fanboys, not immature pricks, Not riding Microsoft's #$#@, not the most insane gaming community on earth.

I have owned four Xbox 360's and have taken very good care of them and kept them in well ventilated areas, they looked like brand knew consoles each and every time they broke, except for the last one (the one I still have and use) which is the redesigned Xbox 360 which came out in 2009, I still have that. I attribute my like for the console to the great developers who make games for it not to Microsoft.

air11951d ago

I have been through 4 as well and trust me im not lieing... I was a huge supporter of the 360 i got all my multiplats on it even tjough i had a ps3.. I really wanted the 360 to win this gen and arguably imo they did.. But after my wife got me the 360s for my birthday year before last the damn thing stopped reading games 1 month after the warranty.. I can still play my arcade games, music etc but it will not play disc games it cant read it..

I called ms hoping they would take care of it... And they would have for 150$... Since it was 1month over... I told the guy fuck you and the 360 im done and havnt looked back just been playing my ps3 that has out lived all my 360's and still going strong...

Day one for the ps4 and a wait and see for nextbox..

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green1951d ago

I still got my launch 360 purchased December 2005 and i got RROD once and that was in April 2008. I got a Slim that i purchased 16 months ago and then gave my old unit to my nieces and they have had no problem. Maybe i am just lucky.

HmongAmerican1951d ago

My launch PS3 got stolen, I just missed the backward compatible. Bought the 80gig PS3 slim and that one broke on me in about a year in a half. Failed to read game disk. On my third ps3 the 120gig. This one last the longest.

doublebass21951d ago

there was never a 80 gb ps3 SLIM!!maybe you r mistaken, probably it was a fat, that can ylod-rlod sometime!!The slim ones with the 45nm on both cpu-gpu dont break,maybe unles you mean a blue ray drive lens failure.

RE_L_MAYER1951d ago

You dont play them often otherwise they would be dead 2 years ago

green1951d ago

I can only speak for myself but my launch 360 spent its first 16 months in Nigeria and it was played average of 6 - 12 hours everyday. Coupled with the scorching sun and it never had a problem apart from the fact that it sounded like a Boeing 747 about to take-off.

It spent another 12 months in the UK before it died so i think that throws you theory out the window.

AsimLeonheart1951d ago


I think you just proved his theory. He said that if you will play the XBOX360 often, it will only last 2 years. You played often and yours died after 2 years and 4 months.

aLucidMind1951d ago

I played my XBox very often; roughly 20 hours per week with exception of when I decide to pop in a PS3 game. My first XBox didn't die until four years later when a lightening storm caused a power surge and fried everything that was plugged in. Immediately bought a new one and never had one problem, it's been three years for that one and I play it just as often as I did my old one.

SDF Repellent1951d ago

Wait, this CommonManDZ guy joined N4G on 11 Mar 2013 (1d 6h ago) just to post his own blog about his 4 RROD experience? Hmm, something is not right here.

raWfodog1951d ago

Is there a waiting period for when you're allowed to post on N4G after you join? Just curious as I don't post any articles.

AJ Hartley1951d ago

Luck of the draw , room humidity , smoke this is a killer we sit in quite a small bedroom 3 of us and we all smoke weed 3 joints on go every half hour or so this really isnt good for the console oh and regular playing times like how longcdo you play it for

Campy da Camper1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I think the weed has made you hate periods and sentence structure, too.

ooquis1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

My 1st XBOX RROD after 4 a brand new one with me warranty and it RROD after 8 months.MS must be investing a fortune to keep this topic silent on the internet,coz something that is such a HUGE issue you barley read about it online.

TheRealSpy1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Because people are stupid and they store their consoles in tight spaces where the hot air has nowhere to vent.

One RRoD or one YLoD I can understand, but 4? Please.

Also, EVERYBODY knows that the xbox has a huge warranty where they will replace your system for free. So what's the dilemma? Sounds like a troll article to me.

@ooquis: were you living on mars for the past generation? RRoD was the main topic of discussion on game websites for YEARS! barely read about it? did you just learn to read recently?

InTheLab1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

The dilemma is that MS only offers 3 years warranty. Mine died 3 weeks after my warranty expired. And I did everything right. Regular cleanings and less than 2 hours a day play time through the week. There's no conspiracy and no one is trolling.

It's well documented that the X360 is one of the most poorly constructed consoles in history.

Rayko1951d ago

I also had 5 Xbox 360s that broke. Got really tired of Xbox and UPS after that.

My 5th one has survived so far.

Finch1951d ago

Sofresh412, if I go off your math your Xbox360 was still in warranty. Its a 3 year warranty for each Xbox.

My xbox360 is still going strong from 2005. Yet My friends xbox from 2005 died in 2008 still had a warranty on it got a new one from microsoft. In 2010 he dropped it when moving called them up and said it was RROD and again got a new one. He went through 2 and he still has a warranty to this day about to run out from all the way back from 2005.

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alousow1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

how crazy r u to go through 4 xbix. have u not learn anythin? I have purchased the ps3 since day one and it still work. I purchased the slim ps3 cuz it was lighter and i could take it to my dorm. But 4? what a retard

whoyouwit041952d ago

Bull Shit, There have been just as many Launch PS3 with YLOD as there has been RROD launch 360, every person I know with a launch PS3 got the YLOD, When I think about it the 360 owners were lucky because all of there consoles broke while they were still under warranty, But the PS3 broke well after warranty and even with the warranty you still had to pay to get it fixed. And one last thing, Sony has been a hardware company from birth compared to Microsoft what 10 to 15 years, There should have been 0 failures rate in the PS3.

Muffins12231952d ago

SORRY,sony ylod was around 20 percent when the rrod was around 70 percent bro...

Irishguy951951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

20% is BS imo. Same as whoyouwit, everyone with a launch Ps3 has died that I know. Same with the Xboxes(in fact most people I know have went through multiple Xboxes, all the way up to Jasper, i've went through 3 Xboxes myself and got this one fixed twice...all for free of course)

amiga-man1951d ago

I had a launch PS3 and it died of YLOD (out of warranty just) my second one went the same way, but my daughters and my slim are both still going strong, there was definitely a problem with early PS3,s and it shouldn't be just brushed under the carpet, but it has been fixed and was nowhere near as bad as the 360 RROD.

Summons751951d ago

Yupp I and everyone i knew had the opposite luck. All our launch xbox's worked for years (until the upgrade came out and we upgraded) but I went through 4 ps3's before giving up and waiting for the slim to come out. My other friends went through 8-10. Sony also tried to cover up the yellow light issue and lied about the numbers where Microsoft at least admitted they screwed up and gave a 3 year warrenty and still do. It sucks either way having a console die but Sonys cover ups and lies this gen were over the top. Just like the Psn hack, it took 3 weeks fr them to admit they were hacked and another week to admit people's information had been compromised. I still lean more toward the ps3 especially since the slims are so reliable but xbox's are now too. Still always buy an in store warrenty if you don't want to wait for a new console. They may say a couple weeks but it never ends up that way.

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chukamachine1953d ago


Want true next gen games.

All day long.

Software_Lover1951d ago

Do we really need one of these articles again? Stop beating a dead horse. I never made a blog about my 2 broken 360's or my 2 broken launch ps3's (what are the f'n odds of that?). First 2 years, yes, but now? I think people get the point, plus the new consoles are getting ready to launch.