Select Sony stores selling PS Vita 3G for $200

A majority of the Sony stores across the US have dropped the price of the 3G-compatible PlayStation Vita, down to $199.97. The base 3G bundle includes the handheld, an 8GB memory card and a voucher for a free PlayStation Network game – if you sign up for data coverage, that is.

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ajax171833d ago

I know I would buy one! Sony needs more stores though. The closest Sony store to me is like 5 1/2 hours away :(

LOGICWINS1833d ago

Eh, its okay. A $14.99 plan with a cap of 250MB per month, and a $25 plan with a cap of 2GB per month is NEVER a good deal. But you can sign up for just one month and get a Vita for $215 + tax. Its a better deal than buying a Vita at the regular $249 price point, but its not AMAZING by any means considering how much memory cards cost.

knifefight1833d ago

Headline says "Select" but blurb says "A majority." So which is it?